Make a Woman Feel Special

What makes women feel special?

Do they want our attention? Is there such a thing as too much attention? Do they want to be given things, like flowers and surprises at work? Is it possible to give too many gifts?

When you care about a girl, you want to make her feel special, right?

Make a Woman Feel Special

Make her feel special by connecting deeply with each other.

My goal is to always make a girl feel special. If she doesn’t feel that for herself, I want to help her reconnect with what’s special inside her. Now, in doing that, I don’t necessarily want to be the source of her feeling special, myself. What I want to do is to be able to guide her and engage her in a way that she recognizes her own beauty.

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This can happen in a number of ways. The most obvious way is where I compliment her and remind her of the remarkable qualities and traits she possesses. But there are more subtle ways to make a woman feel special. You can do it with compliments and gifts and pleasant surprises, but you can also do it with positive reinforcement. You could do that simply, by just spending time with her and building an intense and intimate connection between you. Or you could involve yourelf more deeply, by supporting her as she learns to express her own goals and passions, and moving her closer towards achieving them.

The more that you can connect with a woman, the more she’s going to feel connected to herself. It’s actually impossible to connect with someone else on any sort of serious level, unless you first feel that connection internally.

When girls get to a point where they have a deep connection to the person they’re interacting with — it doesn’t matter if it’s a long-term relationship or it’s a girl you’ve just met today. When they get to that place, it’s like something clicks inside of them. It’s almost like a sense of coming home, a return to their feminine energy.

When women can feel how special you think they are, and how special YOU are…then they will feel it for themselves, too.

That’s the real secret to making a girl feel special. Connect her to her true essence, to her feminine energy. In order to help a girl get to the place where she feels connected to that energy, you’re going to need to be strongly connected to your own, masculine energy.

You need to be able to lead a girl and be confident. You may have to skirt the edge of arrogance if you believe in yourself and can harness the power of self-belief, but it’s true that in order to embrace your masculine side, and believe in your own special power, you need to be a little dominating at times.

If you connect to your own masculine energy, you’ll find that a girl will flow to that special place of hers too. This is actually something that is natural for her, but that she probably doesn’t get to experience often enough. Making a woman feel special doesn’t mean lying to her or making things up. It just means helping her unlock the place where her feminine side is waiting to be released.

What do you find challenging about making a woman feel special?  Please comment in the box below!

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