Make Out Tips

Make Out Tips

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Ready for the best make out tips you can imagine?

Learning how to make out can increase your confidence, get you more dates, have more sex, and even get you into a relationship (if you aren’t careful :)).

Here’s a killer list:

1. Go for the neck.

Touch her neck and kiss it very lightly. This drives women crazy! Get really good at lightly stroking her neck, until you can make the hairs at the nape of it stand on end.

2. Go for the ear.

Lightly touching her ears and nibbling them also makes women go crazy. Use your nose to connect with her face. Rub the side of your face and your lips on the side of her face and up to her ear, to show how much of an expert kisser you really are.

3. Be a tease.

Girls really enjoy tension and the process of teasing. So, go for it! Tease her like crazy. Come in strong, then back off. Kiss her gently and then be a little forceful. Do things to make your kissing unpredictable. Give her mixed signals, make her uncertain of exactly what you intend to do next. All this magnifies and ramps up the sexual tension so that she starts burning for you on the inside.

4. Use your hands.

Don’t use just your lips for kissing. Get into it! Use your hands on her thighs, body, face, and lips – as well as in other places. Your hands and fingers are your secret weapons. Use them wisely! Kissing without using your hands and fingers is just plain BORING. Sitting in one place, just using your head and lips? You may as well be a robot. Kissing well isn’t just about the lips, it’s about using your entire body.

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5. Get into a great location.

The better the location you pick for making out, the better experience you’ll have. Make sure it’s somewhere you want to kiss and be kissed, where you can be comfortable, and where you can stick around for a long while if necessary. Getting her alone is best, but make sure it is somewhere with a romantic feel. Anywhere secluded is great. Go for a walk, arrange a date somewhere that’s ¬†isolated, or open your bedroom for entertaining. Location plays a big part in how kissing will progress and how far you’ll be able to take it.

6. Don’t be put off by small amounts of resistance.

Most girls will give you some resistance. I had a girlfriend for eight months, who completely rejected me the first few times I tried to kiss her. I didn’t give up too quickly, since she never went home or ask me to leave. A little bit of soft resistance is a normal part of the process. Maybe she hasn’t kissed before, or she’s nervous, shy, or religious. Once she tries kissing, she might love it. The key is not to give up too quickly.

7. Don’t forget to talk.

Just because you are kissing doesn’t mean that you can’t add a few comments here or there. A bit of verbal banter can really stoke the fire and turn up the passion between you. Tell her what you like. Encourage her, be a little bossy, or shower her with compliments – that all goes perfectly well with kissing and making out.

8. Feel her temperature.

One of my favorite parts of making out is getting an awareness of just how turned on she is. I can feel her level of sexual desire, how horny she is, and how crazy I am driving her. Knowing that I’m responsible for making her hot turns me on, too! My entire kissing strategy is based around increasing this ‘temperature.’ Once I understood this concept and started to get a feel for how wild I was making a girl feel when I made out with her, I began to figure out what worked best. Enjoy kissing as much as possible while feeling how sexual you are making her feel…and use these simple make out tips to spice things up.

Do you have questions about how to make out? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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