Making Her Laugh: Things to Say to a Woman

If you can make her laugh, it is one of the sexiest things you can do. Use it to your advantage and you’ll see more women wanting to be with you.

Universally people enjoy feeling good and laughing—I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t.

Honestly, it’s a ridiculous concept to think of anyone not enjoying a good laugh. For woman, laughter, more than anything else, shows them that you’re a pretty comfortable and relaxed person, which will help to put them at ease around you. This is critical because it’s pretty hard for anyone to get aroused if they’re not comfortable with the person they’re seeing.

She might go home with you, but if she’s not totally into you and comfortable, then the experience will be less enjoyable for both of you.

Make her laugh

Laughter is the best aphrodisiac


By being the guy who makes her laugh to lead her through non-verbal and verbal interactions, she’ll see you as the sort of guy who can create an environment in which she can relax and open up.

She’ll feel like you care. She won’t feel like you’re taking things too seriously or putting too much pressure on her. This is really important because, as I said, she needs to feel comfortable, even relaxed to be open to advances and arousal.

Even if the conversation starts going south, laughter can be a great way to bring a woman back from turning a little bitchy or becoming reluctant to conversing with you.

If you get her laughing, it’s a sure thing that she’ll turn her attitude around and once again be open to your advances. If a woman seems to be acting somewhat rude or bitchy, it may be because she’s testing you—trying to figure out if you’re full of shit. She wants to know how you’ll handle what she throws your way, and if you’re awkward or strong or sweet. In this case, she’s likely testing how relaxed and comfortable you are overall and how needy you might end up being.

Ultimately, all of this will tell her what kind of man you are sexually, so you want to make the right impression.

If she doesn’t think you’re her type, she’ll decide it’s not worth her time to continue talking with you, and you’ll be out of luck. If she starts to act really put-off by you or starts to get pretty rude, she’s already started to determine you’re not for her. If that happens, you can try getting her to laugh, but it may be a better bet to cut your losses and move on. However, if you do attempt to turn things around and successfully tell a joke that she responds well to, it could really turn her on. Use your judgment on how you play this, but it could be worthwhile to at least give it a shot. Just be sure that you’re never attempting things like this just to get a reaction or because you’re reacting to something she did or said. If you do, you’ll seem like you’re trying too hard to impress her or that you’re just focusing on trying to meet her standards. It’s a fine line, but experience and becoming more comfortable in your own skin will help.

Don’t try too hard, be confident, and learn the best things to say to make her horny…

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