Making Up With Your Boyfriend After a Fight

Is the key to making up with your boyfriend after a fight is to knowing how to think like a guy?

How do you do that when you knew so little about thinking like a “guy” that you have to go out of your way to make up with your boyfriend? Read on to discover how to overcome your gap quickly…

Mastering this concept requires you to learn a bit about male psychology. It’s a known fact that men and women think very differently. The following guide will help you in understanding how and what he might be thinking, and how best to go about making up.

Making up with your boyfriend

Ask yourself this question: how emotionally mature is he?


1. Identify his emotional maturity

How your boyfriend responds to fighting and how he deals with problems is influenced by how emotionally mature he is.

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If he is emotionally immature, he is more likely to make a small problem into a very big deal. His life experiences also play a factor. The less life experiences he has, the more likely he is to overreact in most of the situations he faces.

Emotionally immature guys tend to take a long time getting over things that upset them.

You may find that no matter what you do, nothing seems to work. Unfortunately in situations such as this, the way he feels may be totally outside of your control. Nothing you say or do will make things right between you. You are not going to change his mind, because his mind is emotionally unable to comprehend any way of thinking but his own.

Emotionally mature guys are generally well rounded and open minded. They get over things that upset them fairly quickly. Giving them time to think things through, they usually do, and come around quite easily.

2. How to deal with each emotional type

Emotionally immature guys need time and space. You need to avoid situations in which you try hard to make them happy, because the only way he knows to respond is by continually being pouty and sulking. You will soon realize that you have lost all your power, because with these types of guys, you unfortunately didn’t hold any in the first place. All their power is tied up in the immaturity. That’s the only way they know how to think.

Emotionally mature guys, on the other hand, tend to get over issues very quickly. However, they many also need a little bit of time and space as well, depending on how big the fight actually was. The best thing to do is to give them their space, and let them come around in their own time. They usually do.

3. Set standards for what you expect from guys

You must establish standards and boundaries for what you expect from guys.

Making up with your boyfriend after a fight is not just your responsibility. You should already have boundaries set before you even start dating, which means what you will and won’t allow. You deserve a decent guy that will make you happy. Always start with the right guy first, don’t wait until you have a fight before considering how he copes with situations.

Always set a minimum level of emotional maturity that a guy should have before you consider dating him.

There is no point in even knowing how to make up with your boyfriend after a fight, if he is not the right match for you from the start. If he gets easily upset with small things, is unable to forgive, or gets hung up on the past, then he is less likely to get along in ALL things. Know your expectations, and what you will and won’t let fly from the start. If you pick a guy who thinks like you and has commonalty with the important issues in your life, then you will have less issues to be fighting about from the beginning.

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