Mantra to Attract Women

Dear Vin,

I’ve tried a lot of things to attract women but I recently learned about using mantra’s to attract success?

Is there a mantra I can use to attract women?

A mantra is a set of sounds, words, or groups of words that can help people achieve personal transformation.

That doesn’t sound so terrible, does it? Isn’t transformation what you really want? A transformation can be an incredibly powerful force, when it happens on a deep, core level.

This is when you get a permanent identity shift that raises your level of consciousness, and then you can live your entire life with much greater awareness. And this is precisely the sort of transformation that’s the purpose of coaching and reading these articles. I wrote them to help you have a transformation that makes it easier for you to attract women.

Isn’t that what you really want?


If you’ve got a problem attracting women, you’re probably not calm or relaxed enough when you’re meeting them.

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You can’t expect to attract women if you are fidgety, nervous, or anxious. There are indeed some mantras that can attract women, and also help you become more aware of the all the things you do on a daily basis. Let’s discuss them in some detail.

Mantra to attract women

Don't worry about a mantra... instead focus on being relaxed


Are Mantras the Best Way to Achieve a Transformation?

I’ve have actually had guys come to me and ask “what is the best mantra to attract women?” It’s probably not the best question, but let’s work with it. Is there some special mantra to attract women? I would probably say no, but that’s not to say that mantras can’t be valuable to you or to the process.

I really enjoy doing things for relaxation and mantras are closely connected to relaxation.

In fact, I’ve learned that how attractive you are to women is closely connected with how relaxed you are when you meet them. So I do many things to keep myself relaxed: from regular massage, to time in a flotation tank, to breathing exercises and visualizations, relaxation is part of my daily routine. I really value it.

At times when I’ve gone to Buddhist temples to relax and meditate, I notice that they chant mantras, and this also happens when I go to do yoga. It can sometimes make you feel a bit silly doing this stuff, but I try to keep an open mind. Mantras didn’t do a huge amount for me personally, but that’s not to say they were not of benefit. With many students I recommend that they try out a three- or ten-day Vipassana retreat. This is where you don’t speak for that amount of time, and spend those days in meditation. This can be really powerful for giving you greater self-awareness, raising your consciousness, improving your relationship with yourself, overcoming anxiety and other mental issues that get between you and your relaxation.

It’s certainly a very challenging experience…

What’s the best way to be transformed?

Without a doubt, the best way to get an inner core transformation is to do something that lets you change your source of motivation. This happens when you understand what is motivating you and why you’re doing certain things, so you can shift into doing something more effective or powerful. Say, for example, that most of your motivation comes from the ego. You take action to look good, or for the sake of achievement, or to make other people happy. Once you understand that this is how you’re motivating yourself, you can shift…for example, to being motivated by your personal passion. You will know what your passion is and you can begin to live in a way that’s more in touch with that.

For more success with girls, the deep shift occurs when you stop being motivated by validation.

This permits you to move away from situations where you try to be good with girls just to prove a point, feel attractive, or achieve a sense of significance, and you just shift toward being motivated by the experience itself. Simply having the pleasure of spending time and doing fun things with girls becomes your motivation, rather than thinking you’re cool because you have a hot girl on your arm. I call this shift going from achievement to experience. And this shift has the power to change every aspect of how you think about and approach being great with girls.

If you really want a mantra to attract women, then focus on transforming how you feel on the inside, so you can change your results on the outside.

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