Meet New Girls

Meet New Girls

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The best way to meet new girls is through other girls. This can seem odd, as many men picture meeting girls by confidently walking up to a girl alone, or perhaps meeting a group of girls with a few of their own friends. These are both fine methods and can work, but they are not close to as effective as meeting new girls through ones you already know.

Why is this? Meeting new people in general, and especially new girls, can be a very strange experience because you know nothing about each other, and so if one really thinks about it, there is no real reason to talk to each other (there is, of course, an implied reason, but you should never tell a girl that you are meeting for the first time exactly why you are talking to her; “I’d like to hook up with you eventually,” tends to be a terrible conversation starter.)

To meet new girls then, you must try and overcome the inherent strangeness and awkwardness that comes from the fact that, once again, there isn’t much of a reason you are suddenly trying to meet her that you can tell her about. The best way of doing this is to make the girl feel like you are someone worth talking to, worth getting to know, and worth putting her guard down for. This can happen if you are by yourself and know how to approach a girl, talk to her, and be perfectly confident (by maintaining a good balance between too shy and threatening.) This can happen as well if you meet new girls with your buddies and your groups of friends hit it off.

However, you are much more likely to threaten her, creep her out, get out-competed by a friend, and generally succumb to the awkwardness of a first encounter if you meet new girls in those ways than if you meet them with other girls. What this does for you is immediately put the idea in the girl’s head (the one you are trying to meet) that, even though she knows nothing about you, there must be something likeable and non-threatening about you because of the fact that other girls are friends with you. This makes her more likely to put her guard down and give you a much better chance of getting to know her.

Furthermore, if you meet new girls through other girls, it can make the new girl feel special, because you are approaching her and giving her the kind of attention that you are not giving to these other girls who are still hanging around you. This will set you apart from many other guys. Finally, if the other girls you are with can introduce you to the new girl you are trying to meet, this is ideal. A recommendation from another girl can mean a whole lot more than a recommendation from another guy. It might not be commonly known, but girls, not guys, make the best wingmen.