Mystery The Pick Up Artist EXPOSED

Mystery The Pick Up Artist

There was a recent discussion on the DiClassified forum about Mystery The Pickup Artist. It was interesting to say the least…

mystery the pick up artist

Most women at a bar won't have any idea about Mystery's pick-up techniques

CrimsonKnight Asks:“What do you guys think about this? Personally I’m just feeling that canned openers wouldn’t work anymore… but other than that it shouldn’t prevent anyone from being charismatic, and outgoing.My fear is that it’ll push other artists to get on reality TV and eventually become this whole commercialized thing.”


To which “Endless” replies:

“Well it’s just like with music; even when the stars of the underground become the next big thing for the corporations, there will forever and ALWAYS be: THE UNDERGROUND. The underground is what spawns the new technology, making the mainstream shit obsolete. Natural game is the wave of the future.”

Truth be told, west-coast style pickup artists such as Mystery and Neil Strauss have a very different style from the Natural Game movement, which had it’s roots in New York City and Boston, spearheaded by Vin DiCarlo.

Although their style of game will be diluted by putting their methods and techniques into the mainstream, that doesn’t mean it won’t work at all. Some of Mystery’s techniques may still have some effect with women, who haven’t seen Mystery’s the Pick Up Artist on TV.

Official DiClassified Trainer “Heartwork” had this to say:

“If a girl does not study pick up… she won’t know she is being picked up. Even if she does know about it and studies it, it still works. The line “can i get a female opinion on something” may be thrown in with other basic pick up lines and be well known. But thats it. Also, I dont know about you… but all the girls I sarge are out tanning in the summer, not sitting at home watching VH1. This show is going to be advertised for guys anyways.”

Well, straight from the mouth of one of DiCarlo’s top trainers, there it is. It makes sense – any attractive woman, worth picking up is probably not sitting home watching Mystery The Pick Up Artist. Plus, Mystery’s style of game can be tight – especially if you’re a natural performer, and she is not familiar with the lines he uses. Although it is not considered “Next Gen” pick-up, it doesn’t mean it can’t be effective.

When Vin DiCarlo launched his elite pick-up bootcamp DiClassified Drills, the big fear was that all the old-school methods wouldn’t work anymore. Of course that’s not necessarily the case.

Yes… women are getting smarter.

Yes… DiClassifed Drills produces permament results and is completely invisible to women. Yes… magic tricks will become as obsolete as pickup lines from the ’70’s. But it doesn’t mean Mystery’s game doesn’t work just because of Mystery’s The Pick Up Artist. After all, he only uses 2 or 3 magic tricks to keep women’s attention anyway. His favorite, of course is to throw a coin into the air and make it disappear – but that is not the BASIS of his game…

What I suspect will happen will be great for the entire community. Mystery will increase awareness of the game to the general mainstream, and the guys looking to really excel as pick-up artists will move on to Vin DiCarlo for their higher education. So it’s really a win-win situation. Mystery becomes famous, Vin DiCarlo expands his high end training programs, and guys improve their game with women. Everyone’s happy.

-Esteta 7/28/07

Do you have questions about Mystery? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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