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Neil Strauss “I had to go through this because men never ask for help. And they never take a good, hard look at themselves to figure out what’s broken, what’s not effective, what’s not working.” – Neil Strauss

Some say Neil Strauss is the world’s most legendary pickup artist… Well, is he?

In this article, I’ll tell you about Neil’s ‘early-days’ in the seduction community (the stuff he wouldn’t dare put in “The Game”), why Neil and Mystery ditched their “original” style of game – and all of their very own routines in the process, and I’ll even reveal the in’s and out’s of Neil’s current pickup toolbox.

You may be asking yourself, “Well who the hell are you?” and “Why should I listen to you?” The answer is simple: My name is Vin DiCarlo, and I’ve known Neil as “Style” since the original fastseduction forums back in 2004. I’ve watched him and Mystery get better and better with women, over the years… And I even helped pioneer the techniques they’re using to pick up women, at this very second.

So yes, please read everything from here on out critically – and decide for yourself, whether or not to trust me. And understand this is a true, factual account of what’s going on… Not some gossip-rag. I have no agenda, and no reason to lie to you, because Neil and I are still on very friendly terms:

Neil Strauss – The Game is Born

Neil Strauss The Game

Neil Strauss wrote his ground-breaking, tell-all book “The Game” in September 2005. He revealed the story of a secret, “inner-circle” group of ‘Pickup Artists’, who used routines, lines and a scientifically tested system to pickup women.

Before The Game, Neil wrote a variety of articles for Rolling Stone magazine, co-wrote autobiographies for multiple rock-stars (including Motley Crue, Jenna Jameson and Marylin Manson) and since 2005, he’s released three more books onto the New York Times top-sellers list. He’s one of the edgier writers of our day and age. And his talent showed through in spades, when he was talking to women.

If you look at Style’s routines, you’ll see long, eloquently crafted masterpieces of language. Each word was picked, chosen and designed to create a physical reaction in the women he talked to. Like Mystery – who’s magic tricks are truly part of his daytime personality – Neil Strauss showed his passion for writing in his routines, and the women he seduced with them found his passion irresistible.

Because Style got great results with his routines, he believed he had “magic words” anyone could use, to capture a woman’s heart. Back on the original fastseduction message board – where every dating Guru from David DeAngelo, to Mystery and Style, to Tyler Durden got their start – Neil and I had an in-depth, thought-out discussion about why his routines worked, because it wasn’t the “words.” Let me sum it up for you:

Neil Strauss

Neil thought you could tell a girl about your past girlfriends, casually mention your mansion or even tell adventurous stories which would show women you are a valuable man. Someone she should sleep with. In fact, Mystery and Style coined the term “DHV” or “Demonstration of Higher Value”, based on these routines.

On the surface level, this makes complete sense. Think about it: If you told a woman “Hey, my ex-girlfriend and I were talking…” and she became attracted to you, you would naturally assume the words made her attracted to you, right? Wrong, and you’ll see why, when we break this sentence down, on a psychological level:

The words “my ex-girlfriend” assume you’re used to women being around you. You’ve been “pre-selected” by women, and therefore she should like you. But does she think all this on a conscious level? No way! In a split second, thousands of years of sexual evolution let her know – subconsciously – You’re the type of guy she should be having sex with.Mystery DHV

So it’s not the words, but HOW you say the words – their context and tonality – that causes her to become attracted to you.

Neil and I debated this point for hours on end, eventually splitting our tight-knit group into two schools of thought. Everyone who sided with the DHV theory became “Indirect” game. And after I wrote the Transition To Natural Game articles, everyone who understood the psychology behind the DHV claimed to teach my “Natural” game.

Neil Strauss’ Annihilation Method

For years, each school of thought taught his method to thousands of men. And don’t get me wrong – If you worked hard, and learned quick, either of us could make you into a successful ‘ladies man’. However, starting in the last year or so, even the most hardcore “Indirect” masters have started teaching and using “Natural” game. Starting with Mystery, at the very end of 2008.

Quickly following his mentor, Style started using a more Natural method in his Annihilation Method DVD series, and converted to well over 50% Natural game, the last time I heard from him.

Neil Strauss – Natural Game?

Now, I remember on the original fastseduction forums, there was a client who was deciding between taking my training, and Neil’s. This client was a very big name guy, you’d know him if I told you, and he spent well over $40,000 in pickup training that year. He came to the conclusion – and most other men do, as well – That Natural Game was the way to go. And if he was going to learn Natural Game, he should learn from it’s creator, me.

Why do so many men choose Natural Game? Well, remember how I talked about Neil’s writing abilities? With his success in A-list circles, and Neil’s ability to craft extremely well-written routines, he’s experienced incredible success with women. And in fact, I even hear Mystery has never had more luck in the dating arena, and is having the time of his life.

Neil Strauss Jimmy Kimmel Jessica Alba

But for average guys like you and me – who maybe aren’t so well-spoken, or amazing writers – it’s tough to write a routine. Especially one that gets her excited emotionally, without being blatant or bragging. And I don’t know about you, but I can barely memorize my friend’s phone numbers, much less Mystery’s fabled “40 Hours” of routines.

In fact, just this last month as of writing this article, I had a client on my Drills Bootcamp in Miami who started out with Neil’s training. He became wildly successful with women, but discovered women liked him for a “persona”… Not for him. He found my training through The Red Pill, and said it was so easy to get into, because you learn how to create that passionate, emotional excitement – Simply by unleashing your inner, natural, attractive personality. (And in ten years, I’ve never met a single man who didn’t have what it take to successfully meet and date any woman, deep down inside him)pick up women

After a single, three-day weekend, he’s taken everything he learned from Style and Mystery, and discovered the psychology behind it. He’s now using my methods to get even more women than ever before, without “hiding” himself behind some “Avatar” or persona.

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