New Study Reveals The Biggest Turnoff In Online Dating

New Study Reveals The Biggest Turnoff In Online Dating

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A bad picture can keep a girl from liking your online dating profile, but bad grammar could be what really kills your chances. That’s according to new research from the Wall Street Journal that names bad grammar as the biggest turnoff for online daters.

The WSJ study focused on potential dates that were foiled not due to poor pictures or arrogance, but spelling mistakes and other grammar gaffes that turned daters completely off.

Honest spelling and grammar mistakes are no-nos, but so is using shorthand and slang such as “Do you wanna meet up” or “hey how r u,” for example.

Just how important has grammar become in the online dating game? So much so that there’s now an app called the Grade, which grades online messages from A+ to F in terms of spelling and punctuation.

Other companies besides the Wall Street Journal have performed research on this very same topic, and most have come to similar conclusions. ran a study on 5,000 single women where 96% said good grammar was more important than good teeth and even confidence in potential mates.

Grammarly, a proofreading company, found that a man with two or more spelling mistakes in his profile was 14% less likely to receive a response.

Is spelling as important for women? The not-so surprising answer to that is no.

Beyond the notion that poor spelling and grammar could lead you to date someone with a lack of education, fraud detection company Sift Science said it could lead you to deal with an online scammer.

Sift Science’s researchers noted that simply seeing the word “ur” in a profile or message means you’re 3.8 times more likely to be looking at a fraudster’s profile.

As for what’s really bad about poorly written profiles and messages, researchers believe it shows a lack of effort or personal pride. When you consider that most browsers come with built-in spell-check and grammar aids or you can use online applications to help you out, there’s really no excuse for such mistakes.

If you feel you suffer from a spelling and grammar problem that could be stifling your online dating efforts, take a strong look at the aforementioned Grade app. It was designed to help people improve how they present themselves, and it does more than just grade spelling and the like.

If you’re guilty of sending inappropriate messages, being unresponsive, or just being downright unpopular, the app will penalize you. If you get below a D average, you’ll be expelled, just as if it was a real school.

Here are some other quick tips on how to improve your online dating chances:

1. Don’t use old photos or ones where you’re hiding something. This means avoid sunglasses and photos from weird angles.

2. Don’t lie about income, height, age, weight, or career. If you do hit it off with someone, this will come back to bite you in the butt.

3. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. The more contact you have with different women, the higher your chances of succeeding.

4. Make sure your profile is free of any negative language or hints at a poor past. Focus on the positive and be upbeat.

5. When messaging someone, tell her something personal you learned from reading her profile. Avoid sending bland, vague messages that seem like form letters for mass mailing purposes.