Nice Things to Say to a Woman Without Going into the Friend Zone

You’ve done it before–Opened your mouth to unleash a compliment (that was supposed to get her to see you as more than just a friend) and BAM you’re in the “Friend Zone”

Stop worrying. You don’t have to avoid talking to women altogether. But you do need to read below to figure out exactly how to avoid the dreaded friend zone.

Nice Things to Say to a Woman without Going into the Friend Zone

Screw the friend zone... be honest about your intentions

Do you have any questions about staying out of the friend zone, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. I answer each one personally.

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There are key ways to avoid being put in a friend zone or to end up being a guy she does not want to have sex with and who she does not see as a potential sex partner.

How can this be achieved in a pleasant manner?

The key to to whether you get put in the friend zone or not isn’t in the words that you are saying, but in the general overall picture of your relationship and by letting the girl know that you are interested in her in being more than a friend. Whenever you meet a girl who you find attractive and are interested in, you want to make sure that in her mind there will be no doubt she knows you want or like her more than as just a friend.

I know that to a logical guy, this is confusing, because how do you show the girl and communicate through eye contact, by touching her in a certain way, and by verbally letting her know? The key is to ask yourself after you converse with the girl, “Does that girl think that I like her? Does she think that I have sexual intentions for her more than just being a friend?” If the answer is no, or you are not sure, in which case the answer is probably no, then you need to change her mind through different actions.

The easiest action is to directly compliment the girl.

Don’t say something generic, like she is a nice girl, or you like her as a friend. Say something you find attractive about her in particular. Maybe it is her confidence or her smile, but let her know that you find that aspect of her attractive.

Perhaps she has a sexy, curvy body.

Bringing up a sexual compliment is extremely powerful and it is a great thing to do to put across your correct intentions. If you have the idea in your head that girls are nice and do not like talking about sexual things, then you are completely on the wrong page. Girls can be very much into sexual conversation, particularly with their friends, more so than guys are.

Never be afraid to say these sexual thoughts you’re having or to compliment a girl.

If you bring these sincere, non-generic sexual compliments up in a conversation, there will be no doubt in the girl’s mind that you do not want to be just friends with her; you want to be more than just friends.

There are other things you can say to a girl which are even more blunt, and occasionally I have resorted to them. I have come right out and told a girl that I don’t want to be her friend — I want to be her lover. That is a direct statement which will not be misconstrued.

I think the idea of being friends with a girl who you find sexually interesting or attractive, and she does not find you attractive is one of the worst situations in the world and should be avoided at all costs. It is like you are wearing a chastity belt, and is torture.

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