October Man Sequence – REVEALED

If you’ve ever read “The Game”, you know IN10se aka ‘TwoTimer’ and his forbidden NLP pattern: The October Man Sequence.

Legend has it, saying these magic words will instantly get a girl so attracted to you, she will want to tear your clothes off, and take you home right away.

And in this article, I’ll reveal some of it’s secret background, hidden psychology, and even tell you how to see the one – and only – Demonstration of The Octoberman Sequence ever recorded on video.

In Neil Strauss’ best-selling book, The Game, he seeks out some of the most powerful, effective and potent strategies for meeting women, ever created. And in his search, he stumbles into rumors of a “secret” sequence of words which will make women fall in love. When he digs deeper into this rumor, he discovers it’s actually based in truth, and the man who invented it is TwoTimer aka IN10se.

This ‘forbidden NLP pattern’ uses a few key techniques, which I’ll explain, right now…

The Psychological Mechanism BEHIND the October Man Sequence

First up, lets discuss “Fractionation.”

This sounds complex, but it’s really quite simple: When you make a woman experience a certain emotion, the next time you make her experience that emotion, it will be even more powerful. Can you remember a time when you watched a comedian deliver two knockout jokes in a row? The 3-or-4 second pause of ‘dead space’ he used between the jokes, which made the second joke even more entertaining, is an extremely basic form of fractionation. Now, The October Man Sequence uses much more in-depth forms of this secret psychological technique, but we’ll cover that in a bit.

Second, The October Man Sequence uses guided visualizations to trigger “pacing and leading.”

This means you would guide a woman through a specific set of mental pictures, with your words, while using fractionation to guide her through a set of emotions associated with these emotions. Pretty much any Tantric massage or meditation uses these techniques. The October Man uses a specific set of images, designed to get her used to following your commands, and being sexual around you. I’ll explain exactly how, a little later in this article.

First, I want to let you know how I know these facts, and why IN10se has trusted me to tell them to you.

The Phone Call from IN10se that Changed my Life

Four or five years ago, I received a phone call from IN10se.

Of course, I’d admired his teaching and innovation for awhile. It turns out this admiration and respect was mutual, because he got in contact with me to discuss some of my writing. So for the past few years, we’ve discovered tons of similarities in the way we approach meeting women. For instance, we both use techniques which are physically ‘warm’ towards women, while at the same time being verbally ‘cold.’ This keeps women guessing, and wondering whether we like them or not… And therefore creates a powerful attraction. It’s like really wanting a Christmas present, getting to the tree, and seeing a wrapped package the same size as your perfect gift… And still not knowing if you got it yet, or not.

Over the past few years of our friendship, there’s no one I’ve admired more than in10se. The nuances, ins-and-outs of his techniques that he revealed to me helped shape many of my own teachings. And discovering the inner-workings of The October Man Sequence was a turning point in my game, forever.

So when I decided to host a seminar on conversation last June, he was naturally my first choice for a guest. In fact, I was happily surprised when he decided to attend, because he never agrees to appear on video. And I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, when he revealed The October Man Sequence for everyone in the audience to hear, and USE, themselves.

I thanked him on the phone, a week or so later, and he let me know he was “retiring” from the seduction community, for good. He told me he was fed up with the lying, the deception, and just wanted a normal life, with his family. And I told him I would gladly cut out the footage of The October Man from Conversation Cure, to help him maintain his privacy.

The Two Qualifications You Must Meet To Learn The October Man Sequence

But because of our friendship, and the mutual respect we have for each other, he agreed to let me keep this revolutionary “love at first sight” routine in. In it’s full glory. With full instruction from in10se, the master, himself. And it is now – and will forever be – The one and only place The October Man has ever been revealed on video.

Like I mentioned at the start of this article, I truly have the ‘lost footage’ of The October Man Sequence, no one else in the world will ever be allowed to see. And I would like to share this amazing technique with you, as well, so you can create a powerful, “love at first sight” bond with any woman you meet.

However, since I know in10se, and I know his desire to create lovers and seducers, instead of “pickup artists” and slimeballs… I can only share this footage with you, under two conditions.

  1. You must promise to use this information ONLY in the context of a loving, healthy relationship. Do not abuse this power, and use it to take women home in as little as 15 minutes, strictly for quick and easy sex. Yes, it’s powerful and dangerous enough to make this possible. However, even Neil Strauss warns The October Man Sequence is a tool to be used for GOOD, not for evil.
  2. You must have a solid conversational background, in order to correctly – and fully – Use the advanced techniques in in10se’s forbidden pattern.

Now, only you can make the decision to use this power in a loving relationship. And because I can’t personally meet you, I must take you at your word. However, I can help you with the second condition, right now.

October Man Sequence

Learn the October Man Sequence, if you want women to respond like this...


The October Man Sequence…

Like I mentioned before, IN10SE finally revealed his October Man Sequence during my two-day, sixteen hour long Conversation Cure seminar. At the same seminar, I had guests ranging from writers, who’s work is read around the world, some of my top Trainers – who teach men how to successfully meet women, every day, and even a few of my most powerful friends… Including in10se.

The men who were at this seminar walked away with a lifetime of conversational experience, tools, tricks and techniques packed into one, fast-paced, fun-filled weekend. And I’ve gotten dozens of success stories from them, in the last year. If you were at this seminar, I would gladly consider you a “Certified Master”, when it comes to talking to women.

Unfortunately, I will not be holding another one of these weekends. Last year’s Conversation Cure was a one-time ONLY Event.

Luckily, I had a camera crew film the entire thing. Now, I didn’t manage to get some of the antics between-scenes, or a handful of the funnier, off-stage moments… But the Conversation Cure DVD set IS packed with over ten hours worth of my – and five of my friends’ – most valuable, potent and effective techniques to talk to women…

… As well as the first – and last – Time the October Man Sequence will ever be done, and explained, on video.

Do you have questions about the October Man Sequence? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

If you’re ready to finally say the “right” thing to women at all times… Never again “go blank” or fumble for words… And are sick of asking a bunch of ‘interview questions’, searching for something you two have in common… Then click this link, and see if Conversation Cure is right, for you.

I’m on the second-edition printing, as of writing this article, and I do not plan to ever print a Third Edition, because in10se made me promise to keep the exposure of his pattern to a minimum. So, if you are at all interested in seeing the lost – and only – footage of The October Man Sequence, ever captured on video, I highly encourage you to see what Conversation Cure is all about:

Click here to learn more about the Conversation Cure.

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