Online Dating Sites: Five Easy Hacks for Better Results

How to get better results from online dating sites.

Between you and me, online dating is a hoax. Not that you can’t get dates on there, because you can.
For all the details, check it out by reading below… you won’t be disappointed.
Online Dating Sites: Five Easy Hacks for Better Results
Finding the right one online, can be made easier with a few helpful hints.

(I want to help you get better at online dating. So if you take 38 seconds and share one of your frustrations in the comments… I’ll respond personally.)

The dirty secret of online dating websites…

You can learn how to meet women online. In fact, you can meet so many women online that you can have a full-time sex life without ever leaving your house. Instead, what I am referring to are the companies who own online dating sites. These companies have a dirty secret. Online dating sites want you to fail over and over again, because the owners want you frustrated, so they can bill your credit card. This is how online dating sites make their money… they fail you.

In this article, you’ll discover five hacks that you can use to dramatically increase your success with online dating. You’ll find out how these sites try to keep you from being successful.

1. Choosing the right profile picture.

The Hack: Ever wonder what the perfect dating profile picture is? Surprisingly, it’s not the six-pack pic (studies show most women aren’t into guys with six-packs) strangely enough. It’s not pictures that show how rich or powerful you are. Instead, the best picture to post is one in which you are sleeping! Have a friend take a picture of you while you’re sleeping. Then, add it to your profile pictures, but not your main one. Try making it picture three or four. You’ll see responses to your messages increase. This works because it shows your vulnerable side.

Why online dating sites are hiding it from you: I’ve got to give the dating websites a break on this one, because they simply do not know any better. They bombard you with pictures where girls fall for jacked, rich guys. They are lying to you – even though their research tells them the truth! For example, I took the six-pack study from a result.

2. Finding smart, sexy women.

The Hack: Ever wonder where the women with brains and beauty are hiding? You’ll never find them if you look through profiles, because you’re going to get booby blinded and veer off course.

It’s impossible to tell whether a woman has a good personality or not when you look at her profile, especially because she probably rewrote and edited it four or five times. Most dating websites have a section where men and women share their opinions about dating, sex, and relationships. These forums can be goldmines. Looking through forum posts can tell you a lot about the woman who wrote them. You may even find a woman you really like: a woman with a good head on her shoulders, and a pretty, curvy body.

Why online dating sites are hiding it from you: In this case, it’s your own damn fault. Survey after survey states that online dating site forums are nerdy, so they aren’t promoted. Most online dating sites don’t even link to their forums. You might have to dig through a few links to find these magical places.

How can you cruise for smart, sexy women without looking like a nerd? It’s easy. You find her profile on the forums of the online dating sites and then send her a message out of the blue (like you stumbled across her profile). You reap the benefits of the forums without the social risk of posting on them. Genius!

3. Avoiding the wrong advice.

The Hack: A major feature on most dating websites allows you to send a woman a gift, along with your message. You are told that the gift will make women respond to messages better. In fact, most websites give you a message format to follow. They’re wrong!

Do the exact opposite of what they recommend. Never include any bribe for reading your message. Instead, keep your message short and to the point. Tell her, “Hey, I saw your profile and had to message you. Here’s why,” and then tell her what you liked about her and her profile. Then ask her a question so she can message you back. Being honest works better than most dating websites’ template messages.

Why online dating sites are hiding it from you: It’s in their best interest to give you this information, even if it doesn’t work. Gifts usually cost something. It could cost points you get from being on their particular website. Sometimes, it’s money. Either way, these online dating sites make money when you send gifts. Sometimes it’s your money and sometimes it’s advertising money. Their goal is to make money, not to get you women.

4. Recognizing how dating sites are using fake profiles.

The Hack: Ever notice that six gorgeous women with big boobs are just waiting for you at They even live in your area! The truth is these women are called plants. Bigger online dating sites use geolocation tracking to figure out which city you live in. Then, they’ll show you stock pictures, but tell you these girls are waiting for you. It’s a lie!

Instead of joining online dating sites you haven’t seen for yourself, try dating websites like, use a trial account, and check out the women there for yourself. Only join if you see women you like.

Why online dating sites are hiding it from you: The reason is cold, hard cash. They know men want to meet hot women online. We don’t surf dating websites to meet average-looking women. To get you to sign up, they put plants in their ads.

Even worse, most websites employ a few hundred plant profiles: fake profiles with fake pics that are designed to make you message them. They know once you send your first message, you will find it hard to quit. If you don’t get a message back from that super-hot girl, then you may have sent a bad message, or you could have sent it to a plant.

5. Understanding the male/female ratio.

The Hack: Think it’s some sort of cruel prank your messages never get returned, even by women who are average-looking? Dating websites don’t tell you that the ratio of women to men is approximately 1 woman to every 4 men. The ratio is skewed because hot women can meet men wherever they go. In fact, dozens of men approach them for dates. They don’t need to go online.

This means every woman is getting four times as many messages as her profile deserves. This makes your message just one of a hundred, instead of something special or unique. To make her read your message, you must use hacks. Make your messages look personal, and don’t hit on her right away. Try using the subject line: “Hey, noticed something about u…” Then use the message you learned in hack three.

Why dating websites are hiding it from you: Would you sign up for an online dating site if they told you, “We have four times as many men as women!” Nope. Didn’t think so.

(Again… please take 38 seconds and share one of your frustrations in the comments. I’ll respond personally.) 

And now that you know how to hack online dating sites…

These are five secrets that the online dating giants are terrified you’ll find out. You now have the tools to make online dating much, much easier. I can hear you thinking, “If only there were a way to hack real-life dating, as well.”

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