Overcoming Rejection: Five Tips for Moving On

Overcoming Rejection: Five Tips for Moving On

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Unless you’re a guy who is overly confident, sometimes you’re going to fear rejection and probably let it hold you back. Fear of rejection is likely the number one reason why you, or any other man, doesn’t go up to a woman and ask for her number or for a date. It’s probably the number one reason you might not want to take a risk on a job opportunity. Coping with rejection is essential for becoming a more confident and happier person.

I’m going to give you some tips on how to handle rejection so you can start living your life on your terms as opposed to living in fear.

Tip one: Let go of the idea of perfection.

Why do you think you’ve been rejected before? Is it because you feel that you have to appear perfect in the eyes of women you meet? I used to have this perfect image of myself in my head. I believed that whatever I applied myself to, a job, a woman, etc., I would never fail or even embarrass myself.

I spent a long time living in my own imaginary world and I refused to face reality. It wasn’t until I started to let go of believing and trying to make myself perfect that I started to make fast progress toward truly overcoming rejection.

When you accept that you’re a vulnerable being that is capable of mistakes, life is going to be a lot easier for you; you’re going to release your self-imposed burden of expectation. Upholding this façade of perfection is draining and takes a lot of energy.

Tip two: Look at rejection as a learning opportunity

Rejection is information to help better your future experiences with women. What you choose to do with that information, whether you embrace it or ignore it, is really up to you. Being rejected can be one of your most successful learning opportunities. This spirit of rejection is important to consider.

So, next time you face rejection, sit down and think about it. Recognize your opportunity to improve yourself and your game. Avoid getting upset, annoyed, and deterred, and analyze the situation.

Tip three: Be aware of your programming

We have all been rejected in one way or another growing up, so we’ve been trained to think of rejection as something hurtful and negative. If you walk up to a pretty girl, you’re trained to be nervous because of the rejection you’ve been told you’re bound to face.

But, what if she wasn’t going to reject you? What if she accepted a date proposal but she wasn’t a good fit for you? You might end up in a serious relationship with a woman that drives you crazy!

Tip four: Remain positive in the wake of rejection

If you constantly focus on the negative, especially when it isn’t productive, you’re going to continually be rejected because your mindset is skewed. If you don’t take the risk of being rejected, you won’t grow in the long run. What would happen if you never put yourself out there? Would you find yourself growing as a man?

Tip five: Recognize that rejection is essential to success

If rejection is necessary for growth, then we can assume that rejection is also essential for success. There are many different ways you can apply this truth. For instance, if you run a small company, lose a contract, and go bankrupt, that might not appear to be successful. However, you won’t know what this “setback” might lead to. Honestly, it wasn’t successful if your only goal was to make money, but it is successful if it allows you to pursue the job of your dreams.

It can go without being said that you can learn from the journey of going bankrupt and apply it to your next life experience. It’s the same when it comes to girls. You might get rejected by a girl, which will make you feel unsuccessful. But, since her rejection was because of something specific, maybe the way you approached her in the first place, you can take that information and adjust your pickup game for the next girl.

You’ll eventually find the ideal approach for both women and life. These tips boil down to one main tip: embrace the fact that rejection is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to stop it. Apply these tips the next time you feel rejected and life will go on, even better than the last time.