Party Girl Sex

Party Girl Sex

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Do you want to totally spice up your sex life? Do you want to live out your porn fantasy and be the envy amongst all your male friends? One thing I want you to know, before you turn your girl into a party sex girl, is that there is no going back. She is going to be a party sex girl forever, once she has had her first taste!

How to get your girl into sex parties…

I want to educate you on how to easily turn your girl into a sex party girl. First, you need to put the idea in her head very lightly. Start off very softly by asking her if she’s ever fantasized about having a threesome. Perhaps watch some female-friendly pornos with her and saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool, just to experience that once in your life?”

You want to subliminally plant seeds into her head periodically without being too forward or obvious. For a lot of girls, it’s something they’ve probably thought about, but confronting them head on about the matter might make them feel like they’re being judged. Therefore, you have to make it very gradual.


Once you have placed the idea into her head and she seems to be responding well to it, you can begin to communicate very openly with each other about it. You want to promote open and free speech within your relationship, where both of you can easily communicate about your fantasies and sexual desires.

Once you have that communication and you’re not afraid to talk about sex, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to lay it down on the table and tell her that you want to start exploring the sex party route. Good communication is a key foundation to any relationship, so it is important that you pay attention and take your time with this.

Some relationships can have poor communication because the two of you are embarrassed to talk about sex. The problem here is that this leads to a lot of sexual frustration and an inability to live out our sexual fantasies with each other. It’s a big killer in any relationship.

Get yourselves out there…

The next thing is to start going to sexual events. I know, in my city, there’s a meet-up group for couples that are willing to explore their sexual boundaries. It’s a great chance to talk to other couples that are perhaps like you and are thinking about their options with sex parties or are well advanced in the stages of going to sex parties and exchanging partners. You can even try and go to a sex party to just observe and see how both of you feel about getting involved.

From here, you want to start pushing your boundaries very slowly. When it comes to bringing other people into your relationship, it’s important that you take small steps at first. This is because you don’t know how you’re really going to react to seeing your partner having sex with someone else until you’re in that situation.

The last and most important point is to respect your girlfriend. If it’s not something that she really wants to be involved in, then you just have to respect that she’s just not into being a sex party girl. If you love her enough, then this is something that you can accept and you’re happy to forget all about it.