Pick Up Artist – Truth About What REALLY Works

With the success of Mystery’s VH1 show “The Pickup Artist”, Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”, and a cultural shift towards powerful sexuality…

It’s beginning to become socially accepted to be a pickup artist.

Pick up artist

The reality of being able to pick up women anywhere is different than what you think

In this article, I’ll reveal why you NEED to learn game in order to meet women.

I’ll give you some insight into the specific, special type of game almost all top pickup artists use, but keep as an ace in the hole for themselves. To start: Being a “pickup artist” means different things to different people. And while some men might ask “How do I become a pickup artist?” and jump straight into buying fuzzy hats or “peacocking” items… My definition is simple: A pickup artist is a man who has full sexual choice with women and a masculine, dominant, active control of his dating and sex life, from now on.

Why is my definition so contrary to most men’s – And exactly what most men who are BORN good with women consider “good game”? Simple: My journey as a pickup artist is ‘unique’.

Here’s What I Can Tell You And Why It’s Unique

My name is Vin DiCarlo… and I wasn’t always good with women. In fact, I married the first girl I met out of college, and we were divorced not even 6 months later. (Her idea, by the way) I was left heartbroken, lonely, and living out of the back of my van. I never was good looking, most women consider me “skinny”… And yet at one time, I had 9 girlfriends, who couldn’t get enough of me. In the back of my big, white cleaning van. (It had NO windows. Talk about a scary place to bring women!)

How did I pull off this astonishing change? I met a man named Tony. Tony is a short, stocky, balding man, who was BORN good with women. No matter where he goes, women fawn all over him, and do whatever he asks them to do. They beg him for dates, and practically bring HIM home with them. Tony is what me and other pickup artists like to call a “Natural” – because he’s Naturally good with women.

When I met Tony, I pulled him aside and asked him to tell me his secrets. He took me under his wing, and meeting and studying “Naturals” led me to develop Natural Game – A system of game even the top pickup artists use now-a-days, yet no one talks about. Its our – the most elite of the elite’s – Secret weapon. And the few people who teach “Natural Game” teach a watered down, knocked off version of the system I designed and created.

Let me share the real deal with you:

Most “pickup artists” get stuck in their routines and peacocking – And women can see it coming from a mile away. In fact, as of writing this, I can confidently walk down the street, and ask any woman a simple question “Hey, have you ever read The Game, or watched The Pickup Artist?” Every single beautiful woman will say Yes, and then recite the Jealous Girlfriend opener back to me. Word for word.

Plus, lines and routines act like a crutch for you to lean on, while you’re getting better with women. Yes, if your leg is broken, leaning on a crutch for support will help you out. But if you keep using this crutch too long, once the problem has healed, you’ll walk with a limp and eventually hurt yourself in the long run. It’s exactly the same with pickup lines and routines. You may have the most attractive personality she’s EVER met – For 16 minutes. But because 16 minutes is all you got, you better talk to her in tiny chunks… Or else.

Early Pick-Up Routines No Longer Work. Here’s What To Do Instead…

Natural Game changes the way you THINK about meeting women. Imagine if you believed – truly believed, not that positive thinking crap – All beautiful women want to sleep with you. Could you EVER be nervous approaching a beautiful women? Hell no.

And would you stutter for words to say, or would your mind go blank? Nope. Because it doesn’t matter what you say. You’ll ooze a sexuality, and have a confident energy that washes over her. Plus, you’ll be relaxed and “in the moment” so you’ll be naturally funny, entertaining and witty – Like you’re just hanging around a group of your buddies, instead of talking to this beautiful creature in front of you.

True Natural Game changes how to THINK about women, by adjusting what you focus on, when you’re talking to a woman.

Picture these two scenarios, for yourself:

1) You walk up to a beautiful woman. You worry your shirt is untucked, or you aren’t dressed well. You wonder if you can suck in your gut a bit more. You try to come up with the perfect thing to say. And while this giant conversation is going on in your mind, you’re worrying how she’ll react to you. You wonder why a woman this beautiful would ever want to talk to a tramp like you.

2) Two months later, you see a beautiful woman, and are excited to get to know her. You anticipate how it’s going to feel to see her smile when you approach her. You know you’re looking presentable, and notice she’s got a little bracelet on that makes her look stylish. You decide to give her a compliment about it to “open” her. You wonder why anyone would let this beautiful creature walk through the world WITHOUT trying to talk to her. And you can’t wait to meet her.

If you felt uncomfortable in the first scenario, this is the life you’ve been living – subconsciously – For years, now. Especially if your heart starts to beat faster, your palms go sweaty, or your mind goes blank when you think about meeting a beautiful woman or becoming a pickup artist.

The second scenario is what it’s like for the most elite of elite pickup artists – who use True Natural Game. This is the reality Mystery, Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo and myself lead, each and every day. And this is the reality I’d like to share with you, as well.

A Quick Tip You Can Use… Today.

So here’s a quick tip, you can use, to make getting a girl’s phone number a piece of cake: When you’re talking to a girl, and you’ve found something you have in common, suggest doing it together. Say something like:

“You like jazz? We should check out this Jazz club downtown. It’s one of the best hole-in-the-wall clubs in the city”


“I’d love to go skydiving. We’re totally going together. But be careful, or I might cut your parachute chord.”

She’s going to laugh, or say yes. Basically – She’ll be in a happy, responsive mood. Next, say “OK. So I’ll give you a call, and we’ll set it up” She’s going to say Yes, because obviously she wants to go. You’ve been cool, relaxed, and are talking about an activity she’s interested in. And NOW – only now – You ask her for her number. She’s already agreed to a date, and agreed you can call her. So your getting her number will be smooth, and set off no “red flags” for her. This works an amazing amount of the time. And I rarely ever talk to a woman for more than 30 seconds before I get her phone number. That’s the true life of a pickup artist.

So how do you get the approach handled? How can you possibly be cool, calm, collected and charming for 30 second to 2 minutes… Without your mind going blank, nervous moving, or anxiety?

Well, you can either:

A) Get out there, and start practicing. After talking to hundreds of women, it becomes a lot less scary.


B) Approach her with the PERFECT line, every time.

You see, every woman has a “perfect” first line you can approach her with. And once you know this perfect first line, meeting women is simply as saying the right words, at the right time.

Do you have questions about picking up women? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

In fact, this first line is so important, I created a short video to show you EXACTLY what you need to say. And because you’re interested in the life of a full-fledged pickup artist… You can watch this short video for free.

Simply go here to find out the PERFECT first line, for yourself:

But don’t wait too long – there are many men going to that very page and I don’t plan on letting them ALL see the video. It’s a private video, just for you, after all.

So watch this short video before I take it down:

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Your Friend,

Vin DiCarlo