How to Pick Up Girls on Facebook

Every guy has heard how powerful Facebook is for getting hot dates…

But it’s harder than you think! 

Use these tips and you’ll be amazed at all the new opportunities.

I’m going to give you the three basics for knowing how to pick up girls on Facebook. This is like your “guaranteed results on Facebook” skill to have. When you learn how to pick up girls on Facebook, you will get millions more options for meeting women.

How to Pick Up Girls on Facebook

She will check your profile, so add your most exciting photos


The first piece of advice  in picking up is to find girls with whom you have common interests.

It’s much easier to talk to girls, pick them up, date them, and see them, if you’ve got something in common. This is central to how I pick up girls on Facebook. Right now I want you to write down all your interests. I want you to think about the 10, 20, or 30 things you like from computers to exercise to pretty much anything at all.

Then I want you to look online for groups and communities on Facebook, where people are signed up, who have interests in common with you.

Look at the photos and see people who comment, and meet girls that way. Learning to pick up girls on Facebook means starting to build more awareness about the image of yourself that you are sending out into the world. Meet girls who have a common interest, because that gives you something to start the conversation with, and it gives you something to connect on. This really really helps avoid you looking creepy, because you’ve really got a reason to message girls.

This definitely increases your success ratio too.

The next thing is to make sure your Facebook profile looks amazing.

I mean, you want to use it to present yourself in the best possible light. You want it to be very flattering as far as how you look, and your identity that’s expressed, and everything to do with your own personal branding. Look through your profile in minute detail. Put the microscope over it, and look at all your photos, all your information, all your wall posts, all your friends, and make sure that it represents you in the best possible way. You can be guaranteed that if you want to meet a girl on Facebook, she is going to be looking through your profile with a microscope.

The third thing is to send really thoughtful messages.

If you aren’t the best messenger there is, grab a copy of No Flakes, it will give you a lot of samples of different initial messages you can send that have a 100% guaranteed response rate. No Flakes will help you pick up girls on Facebook more than almost anything else. The key is to be intriguing, short and punchy, and really be different than any other message she has seen, and capture her attention in a really cool way. When you want to pick up girls on Facebook you start to realize how important that first message is.

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Implement these three ideas and you’ll find picking up girls on Facebook to be really easy.

I wanted to pick up girls on Facebook, and I succeeded and really expanded the quality of the women I was meeting.

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