Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

How to pick up women

What if you could learn how to pick up any woman? Your life would never be the same, would it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could completely seduce a woman with one sentence?

Imagine being able to drop one line and instantly see a girl playing with her hair, giggling, and staring into your eyes… wanting to know more. 

If the perfect pickup lines existed, then you would be able to say a simple phrase to get any woman in the world. The phrase would work on any type of woman, such as an actress, supermodel, the gorgeous girl down the street, or even the First Lady. Unfortualtey, perfect pick up lines do not exist. However, you can learn how to get desirable reactions from many different types of women.

1. Know the type of girl she is.

You need to know what type of girl she is. You must use different pick up lines for different types of women, because not all women are the same. For example, think of a cute, glasses-wearing, girl-next-door type who works full-time as an elementary school teacher. There is a very special line you could say to her that will make her want to date you, even if you have never spoken to her before. It just needs to be the right line. Now think of a sexy, tattooed stripper. Would the same line work oner her? Of course not! These women are not likely to have the same turn-ons. They likely do not want men to treat them the same way. You would need a completely different line for each of them. This is why the perfect pickup line, that works on all women, does not exist.

Knowing a woman’s type is essential.

When you know her type, then it is quite easy to know how to make her kiss you, go on a date, or even more. Once you know what type of girl she is, you will know exactly how to get her obsessed with you, even if she put you in the “friend zone”or broke up with you. As long as you know her type, you know how she wants a guy to treat her. If you treat her the way she wants, she will find it hard not fall for you! It is easier than you think to know what a woman really wants, no matter who she is.

2. Recognize that different women are attracted to different qualities.

You probably already knew that different women are attracted to different qualities. After all, it sounds like common sense. However, I discovered scientific research that will change the way you think about women. I found this information in an article in a psychological journal about how women look at men. A team of scientists found that there are only eight different ways that women view men.

I was blown away by the research. I felt like I accidentally uncovered the biggest breakthrough in dating history. I looked up additional studies on the female mind and found more juicy bits. It turns out, as long as you know which one of the eight types your girl is, you can get her addicted to you without even trying. The best part is that you can discover her type by simply asking her three innocent questions.

After I read all of their studies (and I mean all of them), I tried it myself. I have gotten a date, and often more, with every girl I have used these techniques on.

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Do you have questions about picking up women? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer each one personally.

The only problem is that this information is from academic journals that only professors read. The research is also written in boring, scientific lingo.

Here is what I did. I broke down the most important discoveries and put them in simple, everyday language that people like you and I use. I then put this information in video format. Click this link. Watch the video. Women will not be able to resist you!  Your ability to get great results with women will significantly improve; you will be amazed.

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