How to Pick Up Women at the Beach

If you’ve ever struggled to find places to pick up beautiful women, look no further…

One of my favorite things to do is meet women at the beach. Picking up women at the beach is truly amazing – they are in bikinis, the weather is great, and it’s super relaxed.

I want to give you some tips on how to pick up women at the beach. Picking up women at the beach is actually one of the best places to meet girls –  it’s relaxed, it’s fun, and it’s casual. It’s a really cool environment.  I don’t know about you but I love going to the beach. There’s something about summer that I really enjoy.  You get the sun and the sand and you can swim and surf.

I don’t know, I’m just totally crazy about going to the beach.

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How to Pick Up Women at the Beach

Fun is key to meeting women at the beach


What better than to combine my love for the beach with another one of my loves—meeting girls.

The two go pretty much hand in hand. To pick up women at the beach you’ve got to understand a couple of simple things:

Meeting girls at the beach is one of the easiest ways to meet girls and ask them out on dates.

They tend to be in a relaxed mood, a fun mood.  A lot of times they’re very open minded to enjoying themselves.  Plus, you’ll tend to meet a lot of girls who are on vacation.  Or, if you’re on vacation somewhere exotic that has a nice beach you’ll probably meet a lot of local girls or girls on vacation as well, which is a really great mix.

Start to pick up women at the beach by realizing that it’s a pretty good atmosphere to meet women.

I want to talk about the biggest mistakes guys make when they try to pick up women at the beach (or anywhere during the daytime for that matter).  This is a really ugly, horrible thing in my opinion. This is like the no.1 mistake guys make when trying to pick up women at the beach, and this is when guys set out to do nothing but try and pick up girls.  I’ve actually seen guys go to the beach with the pure intention of just picking up girls.  They’re not interested in sunbathing, or reading a book, or kicking a ball, or going for a swim.

All they care about is going there to pick up women.

I just want to tell you something: this is weird, and this is strange and it makes it a lot harder. If you go to the beach during the day and you don’t have any purpose other than to just meet girls, you’re going to tend to have a lot more anxiety and it’s going to be a lot harder for you to have any sort of connection with the girl.  This is what I tell guys who want to pick up women during the daytime and end up just patrolling the city like a wolf, doing nothing but trying to pick up girls. It works the same when you want to pick up women at the beach – make meeting women a natural part of your lifestyle.

So if you want to pick up women at the beach, have fun at the beach. 

Take a Frisbee, take a ball, take your surf board, take a book—but make sure you’re doing fun stuff while you’re there. Integrate it with meeting girls. That’s the when you want to pick up women at the beach.  Maybe you’ll see a couple of girls and you kick the ball over near where they are and use that as a conversation starter.  That’s a way to pick up women at the beach and be a really cool guy while you’re doing it.

Before you hit the beach for summer fun, figure outwhat to say to all the hotties you’ll find there…

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