Pick Up Women For A One Night Stand

Pick Up Women For A One Night Stand

One night stands can be so much fun


You’ve heard about it, seen guys do it, and now you’d like to try it yourself.

So how DO you pick up a woman for a one night stand?

Read on if you want to discover how to quickly pick up a women for a one night stand–

One night stands can be exhilarating, fun, and extremely enjoyable.

I recommend that you make this one of your goals for this year. To help you with this goal, here are the three important things that will help you get a one night stand.

1. Change your mindset.

How you think is a major factor for whether or not you will be able to have a one night stand.

There are three key mindsets you must have. First, you must acknowledge that many girls go to clubs to look for sex. It is important for you to understand this, because it is going to stop you from trying too hard (and looking desperate) by ensuring that you know the cards are stacked in your favour. Second, you need to be totally open-minded about sex. You must accept that one night stands are a good thing, not a bad thing. Third, do not judge or criticize a girl who is open about sex and likes to have sex.

Discard any of these negative thoughts that assigns a value on women based upon how much they like to have sex.

2. Choose the right venue.

Some venues are full of girls looking for one night stands and others have very few girls looking for one night stands.

Just because a club has many hot women who flirt, it is not guaranteed to be a good place to look for a one night stand. Knowing how to select the right venue is very important. When in doubt, talk to the venue’s security, because these guys see what goes on and usually have the low down on the place. In other words, you need to do a bit of detective work to find the best places to pick up girls for one night stands.

3. Build your endurance (for staying up late). 

The biggest mistake that I see guys making is that they go home too early (they have no stamina). 

I have picked up many girls late in the night, even as late as 5am. Sleep as much as you can before you go out, then pull an all-nighter. Be willing to go out from 9pm to 7am. During this time, talk to as many girls as you can.

Some guys find it difficult to be out this long, which can be a sign of anxiety.

Guys who have social anxiety tend to tire out very quickly from social situations and easily become drained and exhausted. One of the ways to get through this is to increase social endurance. Much like a runner, who gradually increases the amount he can run over a period of time, this is what you have to do with your tolerance for meeting many people and staying out for a long time. You must build up your endurance.

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Changing your mindset, choosing the right venue, and building your endurance are key factors that will help you experience one night stands.

When you pick up women for a one night stand, you will experience a whole new world of pleasure. 

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Do you have any questions about one night stands? Write yours in the comments below and I’ll answer personally.

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