Pick Up Women From Clubs – A Guide

I want to give you a real short guide on how to pick up women from clubs.

You know, the sorts of things you can do to give yourself a really good chance of going out to bars or clubs and bringing home a girl every time.

I wanted to pick up women from clubs for years before I was actually able to do it.  There are five things you can do to guarantee that you’ll meet girls at clubs and bring them home.  This is your cheat list; this is the thing that’s going to help you the most.

How to pick up girls from the club

Picking up girls from the club is one of the ultimate tests of your game

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Pick up women from clubs – Tip #1

The first one is to experiment with lots of different things.

I’ve actually found that I have more of a chance of picking up if I chill out and either sit at the bar, or sit on a seat that a lot of people are coming and going from – like a couch – than if I run around the club trying to talk to everyone. Some other people are the opposite, so it’s important that you figure out what works for you.  If what works for you is grabbing a chair and sitting in the middle of the room, then do that.  But it’s important to experiment and not just copy other people.  It might take you a while to figure out what works best for you.

Pick up women from clubs – Tip #2

Number two is to gradually increase the number of people you’re talking to.

In an average night, if you used to talk to two people who were new, then increase it to three, four, ten, twenty.  The greater the numbers, the greater the chance you have. But it takes a while to build the social confidence to talk to a lot of people during a night out.  What I recommend is to gradually keep building that number over a period of time. The key to pick up women from clubs for me is to be warmed up socially.  It doesn’t just need to be girls; it can be anyone at the club.

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Pick up women from clubs – Tip #3

Number three, you don’t always need to pick up women from clubs as your only strategy.

It can be a good idea to take girls to the club with you.  Even if they’re female friends, sometimes having girls around you can really help with your image and identity and how other girls perceive you.  So don’t be afraid to take other girls out with you; it can be a really good help.

Pick up women from clubs – Tip #4

Number four is to watch your friends.

I know guys who, if I go out with them, it makes trying to pick up girls 10 times harder than it is normally.  I know other guys who, if I go out with them, picking up becomes really easy. Having the right friends can make the goal to pick up women from clubs a hell of a lot easier,  so choose your friends wisely. The right male friends are the guys who are able to talk to other people easily, and especially the guys who are able to take girls home every night.

Sometimes guys talk a good game and you think they’re good with girls when you’re a beginner, because they can approach girls and all this other stuff, but you never see them actually take girls home—that’s not being good with girls.  That’s being all talk.  If you can, find some naturals—some guys who are really good with girls—and do anything you can to hang out with them.  Buy them drinks; make them feel important; do errands for them, whatever it takes.  That’s going to help you massively.

Pick up women from clubs – Tip #5

Number five is to experiment with lots of different venues. 

A critical mistake I see a lot of guys making is going to the same types of clubs over and over on the same nights. Don’t keep repeating what doesn’t work when you want to pick up women from clubs.  What I recommend is getting a list of bars and clubs in your city and working through them in alphabetical order.  It might take you a while to realize that some bars and clubs, while they might be popular, are terrible for picking up girls while other clubs, for no known reason, are very good for picking up girls.

A good venue choice is underrated, but in my opinion that is more important than almost anything for picking up girls. If you get good at venue selection, everything else becomes a lot easier.

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