Picking Up Women At Grocery Stores

Picking up women at grocery stores can be a lot of fun.

IF you know how to up your game…

Picking Up Women at Grocery Stores

Picking up women at the grocery store is an untapped gold mine

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Picking up women at the grocery store is not as silly as it sounds.

Actually, it is one of the best places I can think of to meet woman. After all, who does most of the grocery shopping? Women! What’s a better place to meet women who congregate in one place on a daily basis?

There seem to be two major obstacles that guys have for picking up women in their everyday life, whether it is at the grocery store, running errands, shopping for clothes, or simply on the street.

First of all, they don’t understand the power of being positive about any situation in their life; and second, they are just not social enough on an everyday basis.

If you want to pick up women at grocery stores (or anywhere for that matter), then you have got to have a positive expectation or you won’t even attempt to try. For example, go to the produce isle and act like you have no idea how to pick out the best apples, or how to tell if a banana is ready. Chat up the woman next to you and ask her for her opinion. Hopefully she will take the cue and feel sorry for the poor clueless guy and offer her advice. What woman doesn’t want to show her expertise of food shopping at a grocery store? That’s why grocery stores are such great meeting places.

What do I mean by positive expectation?

This is where you do something expecting for it to go right in the first place. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. A lot of men, when they are learning how to pick up women have the opposite of that, which of course, is a negative expectation.  They see a woman and imagine talking to her and all kinds of worse case scenarios pop into their head. Maybe she’s got some big bad boyfriend lurking around the corner, or maybe she’s really busy or isn’t going to like him in the first place.

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If you have negative expectations, then trying to pick up women at grocery stores isn’t going to happen.

You’ll find lots of excuses not to even try. So, if you have negative expectations, you’re doing the equivalent of losing the race before you even start. You are the only one holding yourself back, and have no one to blame but yourself. You must first be a friend to yourself if you expect anyone else to become your friend.

If you want to be friends with a woman, or you want to pick up women, you have got to actually like yourself.

You have to be supportive of yourself and your needs, and have a positive attitude about life in general. This will shine through in all areas of your life. And the first place to start is to build up a positive expectation. If you go talk to a girl, at the very least have a neutral expectation. This way you don’t start off with the belief that something is going to go wrong at the very start. It just might end up okay. But start working on that positive expectation we have been discussing.

Actually imagine that it’s going to go well and she’s going to like you.

Because what you think you become. You will end up creating a positive experience. If you think in a negative way, it will end in a negative way. You will get a negative response every time. I used to tell people that even if you don’t know what you’re doing, act like you do. It works every time.

If you have a positive expectation, it may not always go well, but at least there’s a better chance of things turning out as positive as your expectation was. This is the key of knowing how to pick up women at the grocery store, or anywhere for that matter. Essentially, see it work out positive in advance. And you’ll start off in advance with a much better mental attitude. Women simply like men better who have positive vibes and believe in themselves.

This goes along with the second piece of advice I mentioned at the beginning, to just be more social on a daily basis.

The average guy who has trouble talking to women just simply isn’t social enough to begin with. When he does see an attractive woman, it equates to jumping over the Grand Canyon, because it’s such a jump from how he’s living life on a daily basis that it’s very intimidating and scary. You’re damned before you start.

You have got to make sure that you’re living your life in a way that emanates all around you, so that when you are talking to someone, especially a woman, it isn’t a big deal, and then you won’t act like it is. You give the impression you are at ease and are just simply a social kind of guy. This puts the woman at ease, which puts both of you on the right foot and hopefully on the right path to something bigger and better.

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