Please A Woman Without Breaking The Bank

In order to please a woman without breaking the bank, you have to know a lot about yourself and her. It’s very difficult to please a woman without breaking the bank because you have to deny that carnal instinct to just keep pumping. However, there are more than enough ways to make sure that sex lasts longer and almost all of them are extremely simple.


Find Her Fetishes
One of the best ways to please a woman without breaking the bank is to find her fetishes. Fetishes will turn her on and make her more sensitive while having sex. This also means she will have more orgasms with less effort on your part. Doing this allows you to wear her out before you even come close to breaking the bank.

Move Slower
One of the oldest ways to please a woman without breaking the bank is to slow it down. This means you’re going to the gym rather than having sex, but it’s still enjoyable. A woman will crave more sex when going slower, so you’re going to have to start slow and work your way faster, slowing down to keep it going. A woman’s body will become insatiable with wanting as you do this and will increase your own sensitivity to create better results.

Turn Up the Heat
Increasing the heat will make it easier for you to keep a lasting erection and even easier for you to please a woman without breaking the bank. Heat increases her own body heat, which in turn will make her orgasm more powerful while making it harder for you to ejaculate. The only difficulty with this is you will get exhausted quicker than usual because heat naturally makes us tired and work harder.

Take a Break
One of the easiest ways to please a woman without breaking the bank is to simply take breaks. You have to last long enough for her to orgasm or else it will seem like failed sex. Taking breaks allows you to calm down your testosterone levels while still pleasuring her. This will only work a couple of times as the male body becomes more sensitive each time you have sex.

Place a Ring Around It
Try grabbing ahold of your penis and hold a tight ring around the head. The head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the penis and you need to hold it for 10 seconds. Once you do this, you’ll be able to last for another 10 to 20 minutes in the sack. Essentially, you’re suffocating the blood from it to make it insensitive.


There are many more ways to pleasure a woman without breaking the bank, but they usually include expensive or dangerous pills or exercise. These are cost effective ways of making sure you can pleasure her all night long, so make sure you do a dirty job and have fun doing it.