Poems for Girlfriend – Good or Bad?

Should I learn to write love poems for my girlfriend?

A lot of people are really into this idea of using words to make people feel better, whether that’s trying to attract women or with a girlfriend. What are your views on how much power words have versus how much power there is in body language, touching, or your voice tone?

How can I use words to turn my girlfriend on, Vin?

Love poems for girlfriend

You could blow her away with your poems... if you can get them right

There’s no doubt that words have power.

If you listen to the best speeches of our time, they are able to create shifts in thinking and shifts in emotion. They use powerful words to move large groups of people to action and can be like a lightning bolt through our society. However, the reality is that the actual wording has less to do with the impact of the speech than the tonality, the pacing, and the delivery style that the speech is presented in. The speech is a whole package that must have every element if it will have impact on the listener… which is really hard to do. Barack Obama has a team of writers working on his speeches and his speaking style has been practiced for years.

If you want to write love poems for your girlfriend, then this is not going to be easy and you want to focus on more than just your words. Your body language and gesturing say just as much, so your presentation is just as important as the meat of the speech.

It isn’t what you say, but how you say it.

Focusing on giving girl’s love poems is not to say it’s a bad idea, although if you can only come up with a really corny poem for your girlfriend then you might lose some points. If you are set on writing them then consider these statistics to help you know what you need to practice. There’s a study that suggests that only 7% of communication is done through the actual words spoken. 55% is your body language, gesturing, and facial expressions. And then,it’s 38% of your message is communicated through tonality, pacing, loudness, and your voice depth. Therefore if you want to get your girlfriend hot and bothered with your love poem, then focus on how you say your words and less on the browsing through a thesaurus looking for the perfect word.

A quick exercise to try…

Try this exercise right now: Record yourself reading something off the internet. It doesn’t have to be anything important (you could even read this article) and just read it as naturally as you can. Once you have finished then listen to your voice as you play the recording back. Take notes on what you liked and what you didn’t like.

Now do another recording and alter your voice so that you sound better. Usually guys talk to fast and they don’t annunciate their words. You don’t have to go as far as imitating a sex hotline employee, but try to go close. Try to talk really sexual. Take your time. Then over the course of the next few months, keep practicing your voice every day. Work on talking to yourself in your car or in the shower.

It is what is in her heart, not her mind…

While you are working on your voice, change your mindset about what you say. Focus on creating a particular feeling in her. Focus on speaking to her emotions and not trying to convince her mind. Males, generally speaking, are very factual creatures. Men try to be very logical creatures. When they’re thinking about whether they should go home with a girl, they can process that information in a very logical way. They might weigh out the positive consequences versus the negative ones, and then make an intelligent decision on whether or not going home with that girl would be a good move.

Girls’ brains don’t work that way.

Girls are much more in tune with their emotions, so they are much more compelled by them. They’re moved by how they feel. If you try to factually explain why it would be a good idea for her to come home with you or why it would be a good idea for her to date you, you’re going to get nowhere with her. If you try to make her think like you, you’re not focusing on the key priority which is shifting her emotions. You can shift her emotions through a variety of ways: being dominant, putting her in a sexual state, or going to a sexual state ourselves, so that she would want to follow you.

When you are writing love poems for your girlfriend, you need to use a lot of specific descriptions. Describe the scene you want to write about in vivid detail. Use words that could be taken for sexual words, yet are subtly sexual so she has to use her imagination. Women love to imagine sexual fantasies (which is why romance novels are popular with women and not pornography). Tie in the themes that women love to fantasize about like love, sex, and romance. I’d also suggest reading poetry by some masters and imitating their style.

Do you have questions about love poems? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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