Poems To Get A Girl

Are poems effective for getting a girl?

Here is a question from one of our readers…

Using poems to get a girl is a technique that can really work… if you do it right. It can go completely wrong though, so I want to give a few tips to make sure poetry is a real winner for you.

 Poems To Get A Girl

The right poem can make a lot of girls melt...

Use poems on special occasions…

Not many guys out there use poems to get a girl. If you decide that you want to try this as a pick up technique, it’s certainly something you want to do sparingly. Done occasionally though, poetry can be fun, definitely original, and will really catch her attention. Women love it when you make a creative effort that’s out of the norm. Just make sure to stay away from writing corny poems for your girlfriend.

For a while, I was a budding artist. I really enjoyed painting abstract art. I’d have my whole backyard set up with paints, canvas, and other bits and pieces, and I’d invite girls over to see my art. It was the best date plan ever, for a while! Sometimes I’d give a girl a gift of a painting or work of art – and they always loved it!

Surprise her.

The same thing happens with poetry. You can surprise her and bring out a side of your personality that maybe she hasn’t seen before. Now, I’m not a poet myself, so I’m not going to write out a long bunch of poems here, but I’m fairly sure that with a Google search and some effort you can find some poems you can use easily. You could also try to write some yourself, if you have any talent for it or are willing to take a class to learn…. Learning to write poetry can also be a great way to pick up women. I have a friend that is a member of a poem writing group. He’s one of the only guys in the group. It’s literally filled with girls – hot, alternative, sexy-librarian types. These groups are worth checking out.

Unleash the Poet Inside for the Best Results…

The thing I like most about using poems to get a girl is the effect that the process has on you. It encourages you to be more creative and unique. It will help you start to think about things in a very different way. Making that kind of change in your thinking requires balls – but it can keep you from being overly logical and boring to women, like most guys out there.

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Being a little more poetic can really be attractive, but I mean it when I say little. There’s a risk in overdoing it. Less is certainly more when it comes to romantic poetry. Girls often say that the modern man lacks new ideas or creativity when it comes to dating. To knock a girl off her feet with something like poetry is to open her mind to new experiences, surprise her, and inject fun into her life. These are all terrific things!

Do something different.

A friend of mine met a girl at a salsa dance class. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a chance to ask her out properly, since the classes really busy. She was flirting with him a little bit and giving him some really great small signals, so he wanted to go for it. But he kept missing his chance. Then one night, he decided to slip her a small poem, with his phone number written at the bottom… and she loved it! Not long after, she called him, and told him that she really loved the note. After that, they went out on a few dates and dated for a while. Pretty much no guy out there is using poems to get to a girl like this. It works and it gives you a real advantage!

Do you have questions about writing poems for girls? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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