Reading Female Body Language

Reading Female Body Language

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Women are mysterious creatures and often leave guys wondering what the hell is going on. Women will never really tell you what they are feeling. But, if you can start gauging the conversation by her body language and the non-verbal signals that she sends out, you’re going to have a major advantage over every other guy.

Once you have the ability to interpret body language, then you will instantly know when the time is right to approach a woman, to kiss her, ask her out on a date, and have sex with her. So how can you tell whether a woman is attracted to you or not, simply by the body language communications that she sends?

Take note of the position of her body…

If you’re talking to a woman and her direction is faced towards the door or in another direction, generally it’s a good indication that she is closed off in her interaction with you.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means at the moment you haven’t won her over. Try making her more comfortable and being more attractive, and you’ll notice that she’ll start to open up towards you and her body language will slowly shift your way. At this point, she is now focusing on the interaction between the two of you.

The more she opens up, the more she’ll become more receptive to what you have to say and her attraction will increase. Women start playing with themselves when they are attracted to you. I’m not talking sexually here, so get your mind out of the gutter for just a minute.

Women start fiddling with their hair or their jewelry, they start doing things with their hands. She will also start drawing attention to what she considers the sexiest of her most feminine parts. She might rest her fingers towards her chest or begin stroking her thighs, just to get your attention, but she does this in a very unconscious way.

Women will start touching you when they are interested in you, so if they are really into you they will not only talk but they might touch your shoulder, or touch your hair, or find any excuse to get closer to you.

Women mirror your actions when attracted…

Watch a girl’s body language closely. If she’s really attracted to you, she’ll start mirroring you in some way. If you lift your drink, she’ll soon be doing the same thing. If you’re crossing your legs or folding your arms, she will naturally follow your lead and do the exact same thing. Reading body language is very important if you truly want to understand women and have the success that you want when it comes to getting a woman to follow you home.

Her eyes speak volumes…

According to famous experts on the topic of chic romantic stories, the fast movement of the eyelashes is a sign of a woman who likes to conquer men on their own terms. Not only will women flutter their eyes, but they will also engage you with their eyes. They will maintain very strong eye contact in which you’ll be their primary focus and nothing else in the room matters to them.

Another signal to watch for with eye contact is their pupils. Biology tells us that when we like something or someone, our pupils expand and dilate. When we don’t like something, they contract. If her pupils are large, it’s probably a sign that she likes you or likes what you are saying. On the other hand, if the pupils are small or pointed, it’s probably a very bad sign.

Understanding body language is very important in your success with women!

If a woman notices you and is attracted to you, she may not have the courage to come up and to tell you directly, but she’ll give off signs showing that she wants to be approached. These may include subtle eye contact, it might be drawing close to you or bumping into you accidentally, or giving you a passing comment; just something that gives you permission to approach and engage her in conversation.

Reading female body language, and understanding unspoken cues is very important when it comes to success with women. Women are the queen of the unspoken and subtle language of flirting. Learn it well so that you aren’t left out in the cold because you missed the signs.