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Ricky Gervais was born in Whitley, Berkshire in England of 1961. Ricky came from a blue-collar, poor background, and started off at a young age in a pop band in the early 80s. He also completed a university degree in Philosophy, but didn’t reach fame until well into his late thirties.

Such a late rise to fame is what sets Ricky apart from other comedians and actors of his generation, who may have known the industry from a young age. In Ricky’s case, his valiant persistence paid off when he wrote the massively successful TV show The Office – the production that would change his life forever.

Ricky’s success…

The Office became a hit around the world and Sweden, France, Germany, Quebec, Brazil, United States all made their own respective versions. Ricky then went on to create another successful show called the Extras and has since turned his attention to standup comedy, writing and starring in a podcast with friend and co-writer Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. This podcast still holds the Guinness Book of Records as the Most Downloaded Podcast in the World.

Ricky also made waves at the Golden Globe, which he has now hosted three times. Known for his very edgy comedy tactics, Ricky landed in controversy after the jokes he made about various celebrities at the event were poorly received. However, he has been responsible for netting the Golden Globes the highest ratings ever. Apart from all these great successes, Ricky is a passionate person and only takes on projects that he feels value for and enjoys doing.

What makes Ricky great?

Ricky surrounds himself with people that have influenced him and with whom he enjoys working. He has strong atheist beliefs, which he won’t back down from and is prepared to debate with anyone. Putting it plainly, he doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about him. All the above makes Ricky Gervais’ road to success an amazing story. For any guy that wants to become more confident and successful in life, his story is quite inspirational.

Ricky Gervais is a great example of not fearing the judgment of others and pursuing your passions regardless of the consequences. As a physical presence, Ricky himself has acknowledged that he doesn’t particularly look the part of a Hollywood star and celebrated writer, but he has still managed to achieve great things and live a life of fulfillment.

He also didn’t let the age barrier restrict him from becoming something of success. As soon as you let go of worrying about what other people think, worrying about how you’ll be judged in society and let it all go, the happier and more fulfilled you’re going to be in life and the more chances you are of becoming a success just like Ricky.

Do you need to be more like Ricky?

If you are a guy that suffers with low self-esteem and shattered confidence, you may find yourself feeling restricted in life. This includes your career opportunities and your ability to meet beautiful women. In many ways, it could be said that the reason your confidence is so low is because you care too much about what people think.

Have you noticed that some guys out there that are reaching forty, or perhaps even older, decide to really restrict themselves on what they can and cannot do in life anymore, acting as if they have expired past their sell date. If this sounds like you, then you must tell yourself that enough is enough. It is important to overcome this fear and age restriction just like Ricky does in his life.

Just because you’ve reached a certain age does mean you have any less to offer life than you did before. This applies to the pursuit of women, hobbies, and career goals. If you’ve got dreams and passions that you want to achieve, don’t let age be a barrier. Often, you give yourself these restrictions, not others.

Want proof? Well, if Ricky Gervais had restricted his willingness because he was approaching forty, then we would never be in the successful position that he is today. He has chosen to take risks, work hard, and get to a position where his job no longer feels like a job anymore. You can achieve this sort of life control if you strive for it.

Finding job happiness…

Find the things that really make you happy and bring a lot of enjoyment into your life. Is there a way that you can make that into a job or you can monetize that in some way? Because what would be better than getting up every morning and knowing that you are going to be doing what you love to earn your living?

I know for myself, because I’ve used Ricky as an inspiration to travel more and live a life filled with wonder. So, I started to think of ways I could structure my life to facilitate my love for travel. I wanted to wake up every day doing what I totally love. So, I set up a freelance business where I wasn’t globally restricted and I could basically live where I wanted in the world.

That means that every day when I’m in a new country, I’m totally living out my passion. I never feel like I’m working. As a result of achieving this, my self-confidence and quality of life has improved dramatically, and there is no reason why you cannot do the same. Making that initial decision and taking the leap of faith can be the toughest part. But once you’re committed, it’s amazing how the world opens different opportunities for you and you start to meet people that are on the same path as you, and they can become a positive influence in your life.

Look on the bright side…

Something that will really help your self-confidence, especially to succeed with women, is to have an ability to not take life too seriously. This sounds so simple, but so many guys that I know have a hard time doing this and it affects their ability with women. I notice a trend with a lot of guys, the logical and sensitive guys let themselves get easily offended or hurt by what other people say.

It’s important that you just have a sense of humor. If things don’t go your way, laugh it off. If something bad happens to you, try to see the positive side of it. Taking life too seriously will cause everything to build and fester inside you. When you have that ability to laugh in the face of adversity, you’re going to be a more likeable and appealing person who is easy going and fun to be around. This is great for meeting women.

Do you know a guy that is so sensitive and so serious that he is sometimes difficult to be around? He’s like a vacuum cleaner that sucks all your energy out of you and can bring down a good vibe. This guy is majorly sensitive and analytical and gets affected easily by things going wrong. As a result of this, he very rarely gets laid and has limited number of friends. Avoid being this guy by having a more positive outlook on life. It’s important to be an optimistic person if you want to be likeable.

Taking risks…

Ricky Gervais is known for taking risks. He is fearless, bold, and a little bit crazy. Take for example the infamous Golden Globes incident where he took aim at A-list celebrities who are thought to be quite untouchable. He jeopardized his career in America by being blacklisted from Hollywood and limiting his work opportunities because of this joke. It was a risk, but a risk that he was prepared to take because he believed in himself and was unconcerned about what other people thought.

You should try and take more risks in life. Risk-taking is important and it’s really what sets out the successful people like Ricky Gervais from just the average person in life. Risk-taking involves confronting your fear and being bold. A really good quote that I like to live off comes from a guy called Gary Halbert who says, “Fear is not an option. Deal with it and move on or face living a boring and dull life like most of the population.”

So, when it comes to approaching that girl, quitting your depressing job, or taking on a great amount of responsibility, you need to bypass that fear. Accept it, know that it’s there and just think about how it’s going to help you grow and become a better person. Those that can push past that fear are the ones that are more likely to succeed and become happy. So, if you want to become successful, you need to learn how to push past that fear like Ricky does and live the life that you deserve.