Romancing A Woman

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Romancing a woman

Romancing a woman

Do more…

Personally, when it comes to romancing a woman, I much prefer doing than saying. One of my favorite things about being with women, meeting women, and dating women is all the romantic things you can do with them. Being with women is very pleasurable for me. I’m a big fan of finding exciting and romantic things to do with them. It could be going to a concert, a festival, or some sort of event. Any of these can be romantic events, depending how you treat each other.

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Figure out something interesting to do…

I love researching romantic things to do with women. I love it. It might be eating a nice meal, going out for drinks, dancing, or maybe even doing something together like going to the gym, watching a sporting game, or going shopping. I find just about anything I like to do is more fun when there is a really attractive, smart woman with me. One of the things I really recommend for you to start doing is to start living a more exciting life that has a lot more variety and excitement in it. Begin to involve women in your life and enjoy all the romance that naturally arises when a man and a woman are together.

Hang out with more women.

If I looked at my life 10 years ago and broke down my week, which was 168 hours, I would probably have only spent a maximum of 2-3 hours a week doing stuff with women. Now I probably spend at least 30 or 40 hours a week doing activities with women. Whether it’s just hanging out at my apartment, going to the city, or grabbing some Korean barbeque, this is one of the things that’s changed my life the most. I literally do more things and involve women in them without even really thinking about it. You know, if I’m going for lunch, I’ll message a few women I know and see if one wants to join me. Or if I decide to take a vacation, it just makes sense to me that I would take a women with me.

Get more women in your life.

One thing I recommend for you to do is start to involve more women in your life. If you’re someone who normally likes to workout at the gym on his own, then do a class that’s got a lot of women in it instead. Or if you’re someone who likes to go out and have something to eat at lunch, why not invite a woman you know to join you. They’d love it. Start to make this more of a lifestyle, because this is where the best sort of romance comes from and is in itself one of the most romantic things to do with women. They really just want to be a part of your life. If you show an interest in them and are obviously enjoying their company, then why wouldn’t they start to have warm feelings towards you? And, believe me, warm feelings are the basis of romance. If you really want to get the best list of romantic things to do with women, then learn more about female psychology.

Actions You Can Take This Week to Expand Your Understanding of Women:

    • List the top 5 differences between men and women.
    • List the things men don’t really understand about women.
    • Figure out why women have sex (especially the reasons that might be different than why guys have sex).
    • Research why women are the way they are.
    • Research how to connect with women better.
    • Do some research into some things women tend to be insecure about.
    • Figure out some of the reasons women have trouble finding a man.
    • Name the top conflicts women have with having more sex.

Get out of the house.

When you start to think about romantic things to do with women, make sure you think of things that are a bit more fun, that take you out of the house. Go to go to a jazz club, or to the movies more often. Perhaps  you can start a new hobby and see if there’s a way for you to involve your woman in that. Maybe bring her along on a hike to look for rocks or animals, or go star gazing and  tell her all about the stars. Turn part of what you like doing into a date. Women like any excuse to hang out with their men friends. I find this is one of the strongest elements of me being great with women, I have this ability to have a really fun, diverse, and exciting life, and at the same time doing activities with women. Do the same thing, and think of all the possibilities, and then anything becomes possible.

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