Casual Dating – Dating Advice For Men

Sexy male seeks same in woman who wants casual sex?

  • Is it possible to find the right casual sex partner?
  • Where do you look? 
  • How should you act? 
  • Are there any rules to prevent melt downs?

With so many questions to ask maybe you should find out if casual dating is worth your effort before you try to get a girl to go for it…

Casual Dating - Dating Advice For Men

Rooftop romance, or are you in a deep dungeon?

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Here’s a question from our readers…

Dear Vin,
If you want to be casual and aren’t looking for a serious relationship, what dating advice do you have for finding a girl who is also looking for a casual dating and not something serious? – Sylvester, Ohio

Casual Dating Step 1 –  Assume That All Girls Want a Casual Relationship

This is often true; even though long term she may want a boyfriend, it’s rare that a girl wants to jump straight into being in a relationship. They want a “try before you buy” period.  That means, if you acknowledge that there’s a casual frame, you usually have between a month and three months to test the waters before she recognizes that she wants to be in a relationship.

Casual Dating Step 2 – Frame the Relationship as Being Casual

I do that right from the first date, because I say, “Let’s catch up for a couple of casual drinks.”  I make an effort to point out, “Nothing serious, we’ll just get to know each other and, if we like each other, we will continue to hang out.” I take all of that pressure off and start getting her to think towards casual catch ups.  I will also be mindful of committing to long term thinking.  That’s where a girl future-projects us spending time together.  That’s usually a sign that she’s thinking down the track a little. When she starts to screen me as being a possible boyfriend, I make sure that I don’t jump into that frame.  When she talks about how she’s over one night stands, or not interested in having random sex, I won’t buy into that frame at all.  I will tell her, “That’s interesting, because I just came out of a long term relationship, so the idea of not being serious with a girl is exciting to me.”

Casual Dating Step 3 – Verbally Communicate What You’re Looking For

It’s important that what you verbally communicate is in alignment with what your actions are saying.  If you’re telling her that you’re not looking to get into something serious, but you’re inviting her on a family holiday, there’s going to be a disconnect between what you’re saying and what you’re doing.  You’ll find that actions generally speak much louder than words.

If guys can try to set up a relationship right from the start of being casual and then they act in alignment with that throughout and also verbally communicate at some point in the relationship, usually within one month to three months, they will find that they can have these long-term, sustainable, casual relationships.  Often girls will be able to recognize the benefits of them and will want to do their best to sustain the relationship in a casual sense. If you can honestly point out to a woman that you have clearly established the rules of dating you right along, then she will have no basis from which to complain or plead innocence of the true nature of your relationship. This is the best way to avoid hurt feelings.

***Remember: Please share one of your dating questions in the comments below. I’d like to help you and will try to answer your comment personally.

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