Sagittarius Woman Turn-Ons for a Great Night

Are you wondering how to turn a Sagittarius woman on?

What are some ways to garner the interest of a woman ruled by Sagittarius? How difficult is it and can you keep a her for the long-term? Will she ever commit?

Sagittarian women are independent, live in the moment, and want to have fun.

They can cause a guy a lot of heartache… if he isn’t careful. However, a Sagittarius woman is still a woman. She will respond to a man, when she feels an attraction, just like any other woman. You just need to be sure that you understand the type of woman she is and respond to her specific needs. Don’t treat all women the same and expect the same things to work. Understand each woman and how you can turn her on.
Sagittarius women turn ons

You both have to be turned on... to turn on a Sagittarius

Start turning on a Sagittarius woman by…

The first key is focusing on mutual seduction with Sagittarius women. They want to be involved actively in their own seduction. A big part of that is basically allowing them to turn you on by allowing them to win you over. That can be as simple as framing everything like, “I can’t help myself; the reason I’m physically wanting to touch you right now — I’m physically wanting to devour you right now — is because you’re so hot.” Essentially what you can do with Sagittarian women is blame everything on them. Every bit of escalation and part of the interaction going forward is because of the way they are. It is because of what they are doing to you on an emotional and physical level.

Get her involved in every aspect of the seduction…

That way, they’re actively involved in the seduction. It’s not just a guy being horny and being turned on, it’s him being horny and turned on because of her. You can let her know this verbally. You can let her know that you have no control over your actions. That is particularly sexy to a Sagittarius woman.

Be mysterious…

I think, in terms of once you’ve got a Sagittarius woman interested and you’ve allowed her to win you over, you should know that a big part of her interest, before you’ve moved on, is your philosophy of being interested but not sold on the girl. Too many guys new to the seduction community come in completely sold on a girl. She’s smoking hot, so he wants to be with her. However, then he’ll start to tolerate behavior that he shouldn’t be tolerating. That’s not acceptable, and certainly not from someone with whom he wants to continue to spend time. Or, maybe, because of that, he’ll take away the girl’s opportunity to win him over.

How valuable are you?

With high value women, there’s nothing that turns them on more than being won over by a high value man. If he’s already sold on her, he takes away the gift he can give her.  Once you’ve got a Sagittarius girl interested and are looking at setting up the first date, what I would suggest is for you to still want to lead the interaction. Sagittarian women respond well to a guy leading and being dominant, but you want to involve her. You want to guide the path, but also incorporate her involvement.

Because of her independent nature, she doesn’t respond warmly to being kept in the dark. She wants to know what’s going on. You can appease her and appeal to her personal nature by giving her little snippets along the way, giving her the ability to change the direction slowly. Almost like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” date, where you’re guiding and leading things but you’re giving her a little bit of freedom to be involved along the way.

Do you have questions about turning on Sagittarius women? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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