Say Cute Things To Girls That Turn Them On

Have you ever wanted cute things to say to girls?

Who hasn’t… especially because it really turns her on!

Just guessing… but I’m assuming that you’d like to meet more women than you currently are. You want to be able to go out there and talk to women that you see walking the street. You want to meet women at a bar or at their work and you want to have the confidence to have cute things to say to girls. You want to say something interesting and to see them light up. And you want to be comfortable doing it… not freaking out about it.

Knowing to turn a girl on is important to you and it should be. This is one of the most powerful skills a guy can have. But you have to start by being aware of your brain. You don’t want to be saying negative things to yourself, doubting yourself, or stressing out about that. You certainly don’t want to be feeling anxiety. You’d just like to feel natural doing it, like it was easy for you.

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Well you can… but it will take practice and being able to embrace that anxiety feeling at first.

Saying cute things to each other

If you want to turn her on, then notice all the things you puts so much time and energy into

Do you have questions about turning girls on? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

Start by appreciating her femininity.

You see, girls tend to invest a lot of time and energy into their appearance.  She is a woman and she wants you to appreciate her for that. She wants to express herself and hear your appreciative comments. Whether it’s using lotions on her skin to make it soft, wearing different types of perfume, or spending a lot of time on her hair, girls really spend a lot of time and energy to look good. However, there is more to it than just that. She enjoys being a woman and expressing her feminine nature.

The guys who tend to do well with girls are the ones who appreciate her femininity. The worst attitude you could have was said to me by a guy recently, who said that he thought there was no difference between men and women. That the only differences between men and women are just social conditioning and what society tells us. He’s actually very incorrect. There is a massive amount of difference between men and women, from the way we think, to our genetics, to our natural place in society and how we express ourselves.

Unfortunately in our society, men and women are beginning to become to similar to each other.

You see a lot of men these days who are feminine-appearing and who don’t act very forcefully. It’s almost like they are afraid to be a man. You look at a lot of women and they’re coming off in a masculine manner. I understand that it takes all kinds to make up the world, and I don’t deny these people their destinies. But I am interested in feminine women, so I want to appreciate and focus on that when I see it being manifested by a girl. I like to be aware of and understand it. I especially like to give the girl credit, as she is someone I am attracted to for being and acting like just who she is. I want to encourage that behavior in her.

I really enjoy being a man. I  enjoy my own masculinity and how I’m able to express it, and I enjoyed being a boy, whether it involved doing boy stuff, hanging out with my male friends.  You can get involved in stuff that women might not understand, like certain types of exercise, UFC, sports, or racing motor cars. Not to say there aren’t women who also enjoy these things, but for me, it’s all part of my being a man. I need man time in my week, but I don’t try to make her into a man.

Focus on understanding what makes her tick…

When I meet women, a lot of the cute things I say to them have to do with appreciating their femininity and understanding how awesome it is that she’s being a woman. I let her know she is good at expressing herself. Through my appreciation of the care they have taken with themselves that day, I am expressing not only cute nothings that they love to hear, but I am also valuing their femininity.

This really turns girls on and lets her know you value her for being her. Women love that. She is looking to establish a emotional (and sexual connection) with a guy, who understands her and takes effort to appreciate who she is, as a woman.

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