Scorpio Woman Turn-Ons to Bring Out Her Freaky Side

Do you want to know what turns a Scorpio woman on?

Is it true that Scorpio women have a “freakier” side?

Here’s the thing: she’ll never reveal it to YOU, unless you learn how to draw it out of her with the technique uncovered in this article.

Scorpio Woman Turn-Ons to Bring Out Her Freaky Side

To get turn on a Scorpio woman, you must start by being turned on yourself

The key with Scorpio women is that they respond emotionally.

Big romantic gestures have a significant impact on Scorpio women. A situation where you send a girl flowers, just before she finishes work will charge her batteries so much that, when she comes home, she’ll already be completely turned on. You always want to be thinking… how can I make her FEEL our connection?

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Take action for her…

Another way to turn on a Scorpio woman is to do something nice for her. Clean the house before she gets home, or cook her dinner. That’s going to put her in the mood. But, ultimately, when getting a girl into a strong sexual state, it’s critical that YOU get into that sexual state first.  When you are feeling extremely sexual, that feeling will be contagious for her. Don’t shy away from being sexual. It is incredibly important that you are full of confidence and takes ownership for what you want to do to her.

Grow the sexual tension…

Once you are in a sexual state, it can be easy to build sexual tension in a Scorpio woman. The thing about sexual tension in women is that it differentiates from the sexual tension of most men. With men, sexual tension can be created in an instant. It’s almost like turning on a light switch. The switch goes on and the guy is sexually charged and ready to progress things. A girl, on the other hand, will often take a more time to get to that point. Sometimes the switch can work the opposite way with a girl — she can be turned off in an instant. Avoiding mistakes is more important than doing something amazing. Just keeping working at her.

Touch her…

It all starts by your being in a sexual state and progressively building up your interest in a girl. That can start with touch. Lightly pulling her in, hugging her, pushing her away, pulling her back in, and then pushing her away again are the ways to proceed. You should progress from this point to a massage, then to some more sexual touching. Start with words, small statements of intent of your sexual interest in her. As you pull her in physically, you tell her, “You smell really good,” or, “You are looking so beautiful today.”

Talk to her in a dirty way…

As you push her away, relax what you’re saying verbally and start to whisper, “You have to stop looking at me like that.” “You’re making my mind go to all sorts of naughty places.”  You’re starting to progress the level of your sexual interest in her and pacing her so that she can build up the sexual tension.

Eventually what’s going to happen is it will get to a point where the sexual tension reaches a hook point for her. Once she goes over that hook point, you don’t have to constantly focus on progressively building the sexual tension anymore, because it will build by itself. She will be the one who will be sexually escalating things on you.

That’s another unique quality to a Scorpio woman. Once they are emotionally invested in someone, their possessiveness, willingness to push things forward, look after their man and please their man is a unique and positive trait.

Do you have questions about turning on Scorpio women? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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