Seduce Her with Momentum

Seduce Her with Momentum

Can you feel the momentum rising?


You’re hitting it off, things are going great, so keep that feeling going strong…

If you just met a girl and you want to keep things going, the key here is momentum. How much momentum can you build in the day? Let’s say that you meet a girl and you start talking to her, and after ten or 15 minutes you’re still in a platonic level with her. It’s going to be really hard then for you to progress to a date that night. What I like to focus on is progressing the interaction and trying to seduce her on three primary factors. The first is conversationally, the second is physically, and the third is logistically.

The model that I use is, I move the interaction from platonic level to a personal level to a sexual level. The quicker I can move through that sequence, the quicker I can essentially get a girl into bed. I don’t mind spinning my wheels a bit, since it is all about momentum.

When a wheel is spinning at a certain speed, it just makes sense it’ll continue to move at that speed. It doesn’t make sense that if you have a wheel spinning it will then go backwards. Once you have the wheel spinning at the speed that you want, it also doesn’t take a lot to keep it spinning at that speed, just a little bit of pushing it will keep it moving at that particular speed.

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Conversationally, it can be starting to talk about things that are important to you. Talk about your passions, talk about your goals, talk about what you were like as a kid, talk about your fears and challenges that you face. Then start to seduce her and move things in a sexual direction. Start talking about sex as a topic, be okay with asking her questions about what she likes from sex, what really turns her on, that will really help.

Physicaly escalating with women is the next step. Move through the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder and focus on phases 1 to 3. Touching her arms and shoulders, touching her torso and lower back and legs, then moving on to touching her face and her hair. The quicker you can move through that ladder, the more likely she’s going to want to continue to go on a date with you that night.

Step three is logistically, moving her from where you met her and get her comfortable with the idea of moving around the bar. Move to the bar, move to the dance floor, move outside the club to get something to eat, move to another club and then it will be much easier for you to move her back to your place or move her to a date location.

Contrary to this, if you recognize that her logistics aren’t suitable for going on a date with you that night, you can actually focus on slowing your escalation, having a slower building of momentum. That would then be more conducive for you setting up a second date with herĀ at a different time. So just being aware of her logistics can also help in knowing how quickly you want to build up sexual momentum and how you want to move things forward.

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