Selena Gomez Leaked Photos

The Selena Gomez leaked photos scandal was a real surprise… right?

Is she really as INNOCENT as you originally believed? What can we learn from women who pretend to be innocent… and get away with YOU?

Selena Gomez has always struck me as being the sweetest, innocent, most good-hearted person ever.

Selena Gomez leaked photos

Selena Gomez's leaked photos can teach you about why women act one way in public and another in private.

Do you have any questions about understanding women? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally?

Selena Gomez is completely innocent, right?

She’s looks like a huge sweetheart and I couldn’t ever imagine her ever doing anything wrong or naughty. When I saw the news headline, Selena Gomez leaked photos, I was definitely not expecting it. What is Selena doing taking naughty photos?

Here’s the interesting thing you need to know: a lot of girls lead a double life. They put on a good, appropriate appearance in public, but in private they can be really naughty. You need to know this and add it to your dating strategy, because this can help you get good with girls.

For example, say you meet a girl and she’s out with her friends. She is going to be acting completely different than if she is in your bedroom. Girls feel a need to behave themselves. She may refuse to kiss you, or even talk to you, when she is surrounded by the social pressure of her friends. However, if you were to spend time with that girl alone, she may actually be really interested in you. Heck… you could even have sex with her when you first meet her.  There is a lot of pressure on women to act a certain way and it is important to understand this. The Selena Gomez leaked photos can show you that women can present a very different image in private and public.

Can you picture what is going on in her head?

Try to visualize what is going on in her head. Always think about the environment you’re in and the image a girl has to give off in public. You will see it a lot in night clubs. Some girls will even blow off every guy they meet… even though they are really lonely and interested. A lot of girls don’t want to be picked up at a night club, yet two hours later at a private party when there’s barely anyone around that girl will have a threesome and go wild. Seriously… I’ve seen this more times than I can count.

Some girls will have sex with just about any guy… as long as no one is watching.

The key to getting good with girls is to understand the power of the environment that is shaping a girl’s sexual expression. Girls are very, very sensitive to who is watching, their image, their reputation, and they will often neglect themselves of pleasure, in order to keep up a certain appearance. The Selena Gomez leaked photos may provide an insight into this real situation.

She’s such a sweetheart, but like all girls she likes to have fun, have a good time, and probably really loves sex. Check out the Selena Gomez leaked photos and think about that side of women…

The real way to get results is to base your strategy around female psychology. Once you know what affects women on a deep, core level you can start hitting those triggers. When you use real science, then looks, success and anything superficial cease to matter.

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