Sex On The First Date: How To Turn Your Luck Around

Sex On The First Date: How To Turn Your Luck Around

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If you want to easily get sex on the first date, there are a couple of things that can guarantee that you get your dick wet each and every time!

Guys that get laid regularly possess a certain quality that sets them apart from every other guy out there. These guys get laid effortlessly. So, do you want to know how this is possible?

Small changes can improve your first date luck…

I have some good news for you. Just by making some small changes, you could get regular sex and bang girls on your first date. In this article, I’m going to reveal a couple of things you can start doing today to become a more sexual guy that women love and almost always open themselves up to.

Own your sexuality…

Never apologize for anything you say – especially involving sex. You have an enticing passion for a girl and you can’t keep it to yourself either verbally or with your physical actions. Don’t apologize. You’re a man. It is normal to have these feelings and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it! The moment you’re ashamed of it, you’re almost giving your power away to her.  It is important you own your libido and represent it fiercely.

Ooze sex appeal…

Sex appeal is something that you can easily develop – and it doesn’t require being fantastically good-looking or having expensive clothes. It really comes down to your confidence and being free of any insecurity. Making others feel comfortable and warm around you.

Know how to please a girl…

Knowing how to get women horny helps, and knowing how to give them great orgasms is key to being comfortable with getting them into bed. Great confidence comes out of this ability because you know that once she is in the bedroom with you, she’s going to want to keep coming back for more.

Make the magic happen…

On your dates, you want to ensure that you do some pre-planning beforehand. You need to work out ways that you can bring the girl back to your house. By having a plan, you can easily transition from your dating location to your place or her place nice and smoothly.

Finally, you need to think – what is the worst that can happen? She rejects you. She’s not ready for sex yet. Is that such a bad thing? At least you know you’ll never die wondering and you gave it your best shot!