Sexual Fantasies – she has them too!

Ever thought about playing the mail-man, tying her up, surprising her when she walks in or being shockingly aggressive?– That’s just kid’s stuff compared to what she really wants you to do to her…

Sexual Fantasies - she has them too!

Create an atmosphere of openness around your sexual relationship with her

 How does a guy pick up on whether or not his girlfriend has sexy desires?

What does he do about these sexual fantasies to make them a reality?

That’s a great question, because if a guy is trying to pick up on whether his girlfriend had some deep sexual fantasies, then he probably hasn’t realized that all girls have deep sexual fantasies.

Girls fantasize about some really intense stuff. A lot of girls will have rape fantasies or will have fantasies of having sex with a complete stranger. Many girls will have fantasies about having sex with multiple people or even having sex with other females.

I think one of the books that I read that really brought my attention to just how powerful these fantasies are, was a book called “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday. Nancy Friday was an author in the 70’s. She put out a request for women, who had these sexual fantasies to put them down on paper, send them in to her anonymously, and then they were presented in this book.

When guys first read this book, some of the stuff is really frantic.

It shakes them up a little bit because they had no awareness that these thoughts were going through women’s heads. There are times guys tend to think that it’s maybe only a particular type of girl that thinks like that, but these were regular, everyday girls. They were teachers, they were nurses, and they were housewives.

So it really helped educate society to the fact that not only do women have these sexual beliefs, but it’s actually okay for them to have them.

The second part of the question is: how do you create an environment where a girl feels comfortable sharing her sexual fantasies?

Up until that point, it was almost seen as though there was something wrong with a girl if she had a fantasy about her husband’s best friend, or if she had a fantasy about being taken from behind by a stranger and not getting to see his face. It was almost seen as dirty, or that there was something wrong with her.

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What guys need to be able to do is to create an atmosphere where a girl feels like it’s perfectly okay to be able to have these fantasies, to talk about them, and to even act on them in a role-play situation.

This is not to be confused with dirty talk, but rather sexual talk to let her open up to you.

He can do this by talking about his own fantasies. Right from day one, he shouldn’t judge her for any of her unusual behavior. More than that, he has to make it clear that he respects a girl who speaks her mind, goes after what she wants, and doesn’t feel like she has to answer to other people.

When a guy can do that and creates a safe space, what you’ll find is that girls will open up measurably. When they do open up, it’s important to encourage them, and let them know that they’ve done a good thing. Even if her sexual fantasies are outside the realm of your beliefs and what you think is sexy, the second that you shoot her down, she will close up very quickly.

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