Sexual Maturity

When you start to reach sexual maturity lots of things might happen to your body.

For a lot of guys, when they go through puberty it can be quite a stressful period in their lives… BUT we are talking about a different type of maturity.

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Sexual Maturity

She wants a man... not a boy.

Be a man.

There is a different type of sexual maturity though. I don’t want to talk about the physical one where you go from being a boy to a man, I want to talk about more of the initiation—mentally and emotionally you become a man. That is the powerful and real sexual maturity. This isn’t talked about much in our modern society, but if you look at most tribes in ancient cultures around the world most of them have a type of initiation process when boys became men. A type of official tribal sign of sexual maturity in men…

Your rite of passage.

Sometimes it was some sort of physical challenge or some really difficult test they had to pass. Unfortunately we don’t have this in most of our cultures anymore. There’s no real process when boys become men in today’s society. Some guys – well, they never even reach sexual maturity. I know that for me, when I went through this type of sexual maturity, it happened when I moved to another city and I pretty much had to fend for myself. I had to become self-reliant and I had to get ahead without any help from anyone.

Be independent.

And at first I found it really difficult, but then I found this thing called independence and I was totally able to support myself. I could even get ahead without any help. This was amazing for my self-esteem and my confidence. Reaching sexual maturity might involve disconnecting from having your family help or going through some sort of major physical challenge. So in the modern day age the biggest initiation and the biggest step to sexual maturity is to stand on your own two feet.

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Move on.

It’s time to move out of your home, move to another city and be able to get ahead solely on your own two feet and make things happen for yourself. This is particularly important with dating because if there’s one thing I’ve noticed it’s that guys who have trouble moving away from home and rely on their parents to help them and are really kind of not independent at all, they will struggle with dating all things being equal. What I encourage you to do is even do a type of physical challenge if you can.

Test yourself.

If you want to go from being a boy to a man then test yourself. Push yourself to complete some sort of difficult human feat or some sort of insane physical challenge. One that changes you at your core and pushes you so hard you have to transform deep on the inside. A sort of sexual maturity challenge that you’ll remember forever.

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