Sexual Questions To Ask A Girl

A lot of guys wonder what sort of sexual questions to ask a girl, when they’re getting intimate with a girl.

Here’s my question for you: What sort of questions do you want to ask her?

Sexual Questions

Practice talking about sex and the questions will naturally flow... you are a sexual creature

Do you have questions about sex? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer each one personally.

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Start by admitting something…

You are a sexual creature and you think about sex all of the time. Don’t feel bad about this… this is how you were built. So when you are thinking of questions to ask her, really you just need to unlearn some of the sexual inhibitions you have from our society.

Here are some suggestions for sexual questions to get you started:

What sort of sex does she like?  What is her sexual history like? When did she first kiss a guy? Has she ever been with a girl? Is she attracted to girls? Ask anything that might give you a little bit of an insight into how she thinks about sex.

There is something even better than that though Something on whole different level than sexual questions to ask a girl.

Here is a challenge:

For the next month, go talk about sex as much as you can with as many people as you can.

If you want to figure this out, this is the fastest way to learn. I guarantee you will completely change your outlook on talking about sex. If you figure this out for yourself, it is going to be a really valuable experience. I did this challenge myself actually. I wanted to learn sexual questions to ask a girl and I realized that I wasn’t comfortable talking about sex with people. For a month, I talked about sex all the time and I started to realize that people were generally a lot more open to talking about sex than I thought. Even people I thought would respond negatively loved to talk about sex.

Girls especially love talking about sex.

Girls are passionate about sex talk and eager to show how interested they are. I was stressing about sexual questions to ask a girl without realizing that women love to talk about sex. I realized by how much they knew about it that they must talk about it with their friends a lot. This is how you will learn this.

Warning about just learning sexual questions…

One of the risks with just learning sexual questions to ask a girl and memorizing them is that there’s a chance you might pull them out and ask them at totally the wrong time. If you’re just talking to a girl casually and all of a sudden you pull out these sexual questions—it doesn’t really work. You have to do it to understand the timing and balance of these direct questions. But the great thing is that you will develop a habit of being more comfortable talking about sex. You will be comfortable talking about sex at almost anytime, anywhere.

This will improve your confidence with women so much… it’s difficult to even explain it to you.

Once you do this challenge, you’ll find it easy for the rest of your life. Go through a sexual conversation rampage and you will be a master in just a month.

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