Natural Sexual Tension: What is it? How can I have it?

Can you build sexual tension natually?

Yes… but you must understand that sexual tension hat to be present, before she’ll even think of getting naked with you.

Find out how to make that happen by reading this article–

In many ways, sexual tension it is a natural state between a man and woman. If a random man and woman were stuck alone on a desert island, sexual tension would happen between them without any effort at all. The problem a lot of guys have is that they think sexual tension is something that they need to try hard to get – instead of realizing that it’s there all the time.

When you understand how to magnify the organic sexual tension that already exists between you and women, your power really begins.

Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is more about avoid killing the tension she already has for you inside

Before I can explain how you can achieve raging and explosive sexual tension, we need to talk about how to avoid DEADENING that attraction.

Your main risk with sexual tension is that once you do something to screw things up… You’re done. Seriously. If you do something that kills sexual tension between you and a woman – it’s really very hard to get it back.

There are essentially three ways you can extinguish sexual tension:

1. Be asexual or unsexy.

For sexual tension to occur at all, a girl has to be able to believe that you are a sexual possibility for her. If you’re completely square, unattractive, asexual, or look like the guy from the movie, The Forty-Year-Old Virgin, you’ll struggle to achieve any sexual tension. A girl has to feel at the very least that there is some chance that you two could possibly have sex.

It’s got to be in the back of her mind, even just a little bit. The main mistake I see is when guys feel that are unsexy and that makes them project this belief. If you don’t believe that girls want to have sex with you, why should they believe it? You need to be very aware of your self-image (how you see yourself) because this will influence all your choices – from the shoes you purchase, to the lifestyle you lead, to where you live, to the women you choose to interact with.

2. Be weak or submissive.

If you’re afraid of girls, look at the ground too much when you’re talking to them, or have apologetic body language, any potential sexual tension will lack the natural feeling of danger or risk that is necessary to create it. Sexual tension needs to have a certain amount of uncertainty, excitement, adventure, and unanswered questions to exist. To be uncomfortable with tension, afraid of rejection, or simply unable to hold eye contact and create a certain energy between you and a woman will make it hard to develop any sexual tension with her.

3. Be too logical.

Sexual tension is difficult to explain in purely logical terms. It bears an element of creativeness, abstractness, and intangibility. This is why more logical thinkers can struggle with this concept, and more artistic guys seem to ease into it. Part of being great at sexual tension means allowing yourself to be more open-minded, more open to alternatives, and more able to grasp concepts that can’t be explained so well in a book.

Do you have questions about sexual tension? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer each one personally.

Sexual tension is fun!

To be really great at using the natural sexual tension that exists between every adult, you’ve got to develop a passion for it, and really enjoy creating it. You can begin practicing immediately with many of the girls you meet. Doing this will permit you to feel it better… sense it and enjoy it as part of your daily experience.

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