Sexual Tension – How to look for it?

There are two main things you want to focus on when it comes to judging whether or not there is sexual tension between you and a woman.

But before we begin, let me give a BIG warning: looking for sexual tension signs in body language only is a MISTAKE.

That’s right. The normal dating advice on this is WRONG. If you only pay attention to body language, you are going to ruin your success with women. Why is this advice wrong? Because even in the best interactions with women, there will always be negative signals along with positive ones. And when you’re learning, you are more likely to focus on the negatives too much – which will make you give up too early with girls you like.

So ignore advice that tells you to look for sexual tension signals – it’s a trap. There are only two signals you need to be aware of when you’re trying to pick up a woman:

1. She hasn’t walked away.

2. She hasn’t told you to leave.

That’s it!

Sexual tension

Is she still with you? (Then you are doing something right, so keep going for her)

Do you have questions about sexual tension? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

If a woman is not interested in you, when you try to pick her up, she will either walk away or she’ll ask you to leave.

Unless she does one of these two things – unless she walks away or asks you to – DON’T GO ANYWHERE.

This is the biggest mistake I see guys make, and they make it constantly.

They walk up and talk to a girl, and at the slightest sign of negativity – BANG! – they’re out of there. Experience teaches that even with girls that like you, even with girls you end up taking  home, you’ll get mixed signals, negative indicators, and some bad feedback from time to time. It’s all part of the process. Don’t think of this as a negative. It’s just her way of making sure that you are a confident man and that you really want her… and it’s a pretty effective way to weed out the weaker males, you’ve got to admit.

Just stay in there and keep pushing.

You have nothing to lose by giving it the best possible chance – but everything to lose by leaving the conversation early. Even if you don’t succeed in winning her over, by staying in the conversation longer and not ejecting yourself from it, you’ll build your threshold for social tension, build a thicker skin and more inner strength, and will start to be more honest with your intention and desires. Essentially, it’ll make you more of a man.

There are many books written about sexual body language and the signs of sexual tension, but the main problem with them are that you become far too reactive, and you get distracted by little signs and signals that often don’t mean anything. Sometimes, girls are shy and nervous, and even if they like you, they may give off negative signals they don’t even realize that they give off. Sometimes, they do know they’re doing it – these are the times when a girl will use negative signals to test how courageous you are, or how much you really want her.

You’ll never know how to tell what is real and what isn’t unless you push your limits a bit and test your comfort zones when talking to women. If in doubt, assume she likes you and that it is going really well. Always choose the most positive option; confidence is what will keep her in the conversation and you in the running.

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