Signals Women Give When They Want You to Make the First Move

You are missing out on sex right now because you cannot read a woman’s signals.

In fact at least once a week you probably miss the signal that a woman wants to sleep with you.

Learn to read those signals guys.

Signs she is interested

Learn to women and you will be cuddling with as many women as you want

Women are subtle.

If you are waiting around for a girl with a big neon sign over her head saying “I want to have sex with you” you are going to be waiting a long time. Women are subtle creatures. If you want to get more sex you need to learn to hear what they are saying – even if they are whispering. Most men are essentially waiting for the girl to come over and slap them over their head. I know from my experience, when I was growing up and struggling with meeting women, I would literally have to have a girl club me over the head, drag me back to her cave, and pin me down, before I thought, “Hang on, this girl might be interested in me.”

Change how you think.

I know there are a lot of guys out there who are suffering from this issue. The first thing is we need to change the way guys think. We need to change their head spaces from assuming that no girl could possibly be interested in them, to assuming that there’s a good chance that a girl’s interested in him, because he’s an attractive guy who has a lot going on. When guys start to make that shift internally, they begin to notice all sorts of signals popping up from women.

Look for these signs:

1. Eye contact.

The first signal that we want to be watching for is eye contact. If she makes eye contact with us, even if it’s only for a brief second and then she breaks it and walks away, that’s a great clue that she’s ready to be approached, particularly if you find that she reengages eye contact a little later on. I’m here to tell you: she’s got her eyes on you – literally! The biggest problem that most guys face is, when they see a look from a girl is they hesitate.  If you fail to act on that little signal that the girls giving you then you have lost her – and your chance at some great sex.

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2. Act immediately.

I’ve experienced this situation a number of times myself, where I didn’t act immediately and then when I went over ten minutes later, it was just a little bit of an awkward moment. I would encourage guys to be aware of when a girl makes eye contact, especially if she reengages it, and then take the time to go over and say, “Hey, I noticed you standing over here. I’m just out meeting people tonight. I thought I’d come say hi, you seem like a real sweetheart.” Guys who act on their impulses are more likely to find success than guys who don’t.

Eye contact is a signal but believe it or not it is the OBVIOUS one.

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