Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters…

Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters with women…

Hey there, Blog readers,

Welcome to a brand new weekly feature called “Fifteen Dollar Deals.” I invite you to read the rest of this post, and find out what this fifteen dollar deal is all about, and how it can save you a TON of money.

Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters… How to have success in your relationships with women

What conversation starters do you need to use to grab the attention of women you love? You can use specific conversation starters to initiate a conversation with women in order to attract them. In the seven years I’ve spent spent teaching men how to have success with women in their relationships, I’ve learned one simple fact: Every man is different. How to start conversations with women depends on the individual. You each have unique needs, a unique situation, and unique questions. Individually, your needs, situations, and questions may be the same as those of some other guys, but together you are completely unique, which means your questions, concerns, and needs will be unique for training purposes, as well.

You may not need an entire program or system to help you solve your problem. Or, you may have had great success with a system such as the Pandora’s Box program, yet you still have one question, or one woman you want specific help with. With that in mind, I’ve created something called “Fifteen Dollar Deals.” My Fifteen Dollar Deals are programs focused specifically on one aspect of meeting women, such as one place you can meet women, one obstacle you may encounter when you’re meeting women, one technique, one goal, one type of woman….the list goes on and on.

I get these ideas from men like you: either here on the blog, in surveys, or simply reading the emails you send me every day. Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters… offers an easy way to master being amazing with women, one step at a time. And while I do answer some of these questions in emails, in blog posts, and in future programs, sometimes you need more than an email, but less than a full-fledged program.

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My Fifteen Dollar Deals are two- to three-hour long packages of advice that arm you with everything you need for a specific situation, a specific goal with women, or a specific goal in a relationship. Fifteen Dollar Deals will help you add more structure and direction to how you want to get good with girls. And they’ll always be available for under 15 bucks.

Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters…
This week’s deal features a set of programs designed to help you start a conversation with a woman and then ace the first two to three minutes. You will learn to speak with women with confidence, while completely relaxed, without letting your mind go blank or saying the wrong words.

You can find out more about Simple Conversation Starters on this page.

Now, This Is Your Blog As Much As It Is Mine – So Let Me Know Whether Fifteen Dollar Deals Is A Winning Idea – Or Not:
This first Fifteen Dollar Deal is only a test. So while it may be online for awhile, if there aren’t enough takers, I won’t run another Fifteen Dollar Deal in the future. I’ll just assume you aren’t interested in this concept. Another way you can let me know what you think is to post your thoughts in the comments below. Feel free to post any questions you have about the program, about this blog, or about future Fifteen Dollar Deals. My goal is to build a place where we can all come together and interact, so your input is as valuable and important as mine. But I can’t make improvements if you don’t make your voice heard. So speak up – either pick up This Week’s Fifteen Dollar Deal, or post a comment or question in the comments below. I personally read every single comment on this blog.


– Vin

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  1. Great idea, especially during these tough times! Topic based info presented in an affordable, concise, practical, efficient, and effective way is great way for someone to brush up or wet their feet in your programs.

  2. Onochie /

    This seems like a cool concept Vin… I like the idea of hyper-focusing on one area of your game until it’s perfected. There are a lot of expensive programs out there that don’t cover the area you need help in. I encourage guys that want to reach the next level to capitalize on this opportunity.

  3. kary /

    Hi Vin,

    2 Questions

    A)i’m a Pandora box addict because i beleive it is a real tool to discover the woman’s psyché.

    How can all the pandora Box students meet in a forum where they can share theyre experiences?

    B) most of the girl getting industry adresses the young ladies chassing.
    Mature woman have a much more refind mindset.
    Where can i find a program that mainly concerns this type of women?

    Thank you.

  4. Richie Smithson /

    Hi Vin you rock I have all your programs but 2 and well get these as well.There is so much info all great but feel lost at times as to which order to approach all this info, I feel I am very analytical and just feel I need a beginning a middle and an end or an I looking at this in the wrong way,thanks Vin I am 48 and have been separated for 3 years your program has help a great deal in understanding women and how to shape them,I am getting more confident in approaching women and getting a conversation started but feel I need more work in taking it to the next step and asking them out or getting a phone number,I don’t go to the bar very much and focus on meeting them at the grocery store or on the street,I like the stripper shark program to but have not had a chance to try it out yet and who doesn’t like strippers. Thanks Vin for what you do Richie Wayne Smithson.

  5. MasterX /

    This is great, I’m glad that you made one of your products available at this price point. I am currently undergoing a stage in my life where I want to conserve money. But a purchase that is $14.35 slips under the radar completely. As a consumer I just think “what do I have to lose” and finished the checkout process in under a few minutes…

  6. Onochie /

    A forum for Pandora students would be clutch!

  7. Kevin /

    I think it’s an awesome idea!

  8. Josh /

    I think this is a great idea, seeing as I haven’t really been able to afford any of your programs (I’m a college student, you know how cheap we tend to be). While this one in particular doesn’t seem like something I need, I’m sure there’s specific areas you’ll cover that I’ll want to buy.

  9. Hello Vin,
    I love your new blog. It’s informative in a practical way. I just read through the “How to Talk to a Woman” and “How to Talk to a Girl” articles. They contain pointers I can apply right away.
    Thank you so much.
    P.S. Fifteen Dollar Deals is a great idea.

  10. Kelsey /


    I think this is great! I like the idea. Although I probably won’t sign up for a while until I figure out what exactly I need help with. In the meantime, here’s something that’s been troubling me. Pursuing women vs Letting woman pursue you. There’s more to this question actually, but hopefully you know where in the dating community this became an area of disagreement. I personally don’t believe in black or white thinking, however it sometimes seems like a place to start.

  11. man645 /

    Yes, this sounds good. I can think of a couple of individual issues I could use help with right now. And I’m sure there are many like me.

  12. John Duma /

    Hey Vin,
    For the first time in my life, i’ve heavily fallen in love with an older woman. I am so completely mentally overwhelmingly saturated with this woman’s every ounce of existence that i sometimes freeze up or have an anxiety attack (I’ll start breathing in huge lungfulls of air AND then not exhaling). She has me literally wrapped around the very tip of her pinky finger. I’m truly happy every time i think of her and especially every time i see her. If i was a ship at sea, i feel that my hull would be paper thin, and basically that it wouldnt take much to sink me. If she decided i wasn’t the right guy, that would screw my head up, so i REALLY want to know what i could be doing to win this woman’s heart once and for all.
    If there’s somebody that can help, that would be you.


  13. Thanks for the feedback guys :-)

    I see a lot positive feedback here. And I’m glad there’s something you guys can enjoy.

    Couple of questions about older women – which is interesting, because I just started liking them more, myself. I’ll keep you updated as I figure them out ;-)

    And John – I know she’s got you emotionally all riled up. But just remember, she’s just a human. As imperfect, fragile and afraid of life as you are.

    – Vin

  14. MR T /

    Because I was thinking after the pandora box program….
    I was thinking how would I use it in normal conversation when I meet the ladies.
    So a conversation starter that will let me silently identified the woman type and at the same time relaxes me so I am not nervous is awesome

  15. Muhammad Abdillah /

    This concept is absolutely fantastic.I am a Pandora Box user as well and for me,the biggest obstacle for me was truly have inner self-confidence and after i realised that confidence is truly about loving yourself and having that self-belief, I could finally apply what i’ve learned in Pandora Box to women who are my friends or complete strangers i meet on the train or bus. Thanks Vin! You’re truly an inspiration.

    I was wondering if there is a forum or an annual gathering for all the Pandora Box members could meet and share our success/failures with each other so we could learn more abt women and more importantly,ourselves.

  16. ir_dunk /

    Cool idea Vin.

    I bought Convo Cure already, but I’ll keep an eye out for any other $15 ideas that you put up.

    Take it easy,


  17. Shogun /

    I think that it would be a great idea to market the entire Pandora’s Box program in smaller chunks. I don’t know what all is included in the PB program, and this may be what you’re doing already, but I think that would make it easier to afford, and would broaden your market for sure. I’m going to check out this $15 dollar deal, and it’s a lot easier for me to plop down $15 to “check something out”, to make sure I can use it. Great idea Vin.

  18. i have been married for 41 years but lately she has not wonted to have sex with me.i don’t wont to change wives. I need help getting the fire started. I need your progarm to learn what I need to know to get my woman to want me again.

  19. Yes, I purchased the fifteen dollar deal and really got a lot out of it, for less. Great idea, great program, looking forward to the next 15 dollar deal. A great deal of content for a fair price. It’s good to be focused on one aspect, really like that idea. Thanks Vin…

  20. JohnC /

    These 15 Dollar Deals are a great idea. But I think the 3-day deadline is a bit short. I’m often away from computers and internet for weeks at a time due to work, so would miss out. During that time I’m away at work, and trying to chat up the cute girl at the bar- which is hard as I get limited time and while I’m away anyone could come in to “cut my grass” since there are always lots of guys around cracking onto her. We hit it off well at first, but months later I’m still just a friend/orbiter. How can long distance friendships be escalated into long distance sexual relationships? Please email me, thanks.

  21. Chukic /

    VIN reopen the simple conversation cures, I just got paid today and i need to buy the simple conversation cures PLZZZZz


    I would consider paying with a check.

  23. reggie /

    hey vin dicarlo,I was looking for something like this and then i seen one of the email you send in my spam box. i was mad that i miss this offer. will u be opening it up again for me to buy? i would buy asap. please email me, thank you

  24. agentlemanlookingfor /


    Right on for the products you create and make available; this is excellent stuff. I purchased the first $15 deal and have been subscribing to the pandora’s box PHD program for about 5 months now and will definitely complete the program. How’s about giving pandora’s box PHD subscribers an indefinite deadline to purchase the $15 deals while they’re still in the process of learning/retaining all the info in the PHD program? Maybe post permanent links for $15 deals at the bottom of the PHD page like the discounted upgrades that are already on there? Just a thought. Take care man.

  25. Yea…i had the same issue as what the guy above me said. I’m not around my computer as often either and i just seen the $15 simple conversation starter. I would be interested in purchasing that also. Is there any way i can have that material emailed to me too??? I would appreciate that very much.

  26. $15 deal sounds great-where do i sign up?

  27. I agree with JohnC above I would definitely would have loved to get simple conversation starters, but due to not being at my PC for a few days(which just happened to be the days that you ran this fantastic idea) I have missed out. I love your e-mails, and hopefully when I save up enough money I can buy simple conversatio starters for the full price if it’s still open to buy.
    Simple conversation starters I think would have been great for me as i’m an absolute beginner when it comes to pulling women and if it can be used in all social scenarios then it’s worth it’s weight in gold, so i’m pretty pissed with myself for not being at my PC. I haven’t got a clue where to start and what exactly my game is and what to say and do when it comes to women.
    Maybe you could run a fifteen dollar deal on starting from the beginning or something similar, because I know that even though your prices are extrememly reasonable, I still can’t afford them just yet, so fifteen dollar deals are a great idea. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully take into account my concerns/dilemmas.

  28. Justin /

    Yeah I agree with JohnC above me.. I was kinda excited when I read about “Simple Conversation Starters” because its one of my few, but huge obstacles with meeting women, but I was pretty bummed when I found out it literally just “closed” hours before I could get to it. I know you probably won’t re-open it again but I thought I’d leave my thoughts on it. Looking forward to seeing what comes next =)

  29. Hi, Vin! I think you rock! I am a big fun of your Pandora’s Box system. It helps for better communication with women and much more understanding. This 15 dollar deals are very good idea, but these days I couldn’t get them because I was away from my computers and internet, trying to approach a girl I like. It seems to be going pretty well actually. However, we were on holidays together and couldn’t access my email and check your new content. So I think that especially in July and August deadlines could be longer. I say in July and August because this is vacation time for most of the people. But I just checked this blog and think it is a brilliant idea. Thanks Vin!

  30. An awesome idea! Although I’m still without the actual Pandora’s Box program ’cause I don’t have a credit card. Oh well it has credit function but anyhow… That’s a huge problem. I just started to get excited about being a part of the test group and learning every possible thing there is to know about women and how to interact with them. I’m in a big need of help, consulting or some. I’m willing to examine all the material there is. Got to tell ya. Previously I was 23 months without sex or having even been in any kind of contact with a woman. That sounds depressing already so think what it like. I was done. Finished. I gave up. I wasn’t even looking women anymore. Not with an interest or not looking at all. Until a couple of years ago I saw light of hope when I met THE Ms. Right. Our first two or so encounters went absolutely like in a dream. The vibes were great. We didn’t have sex at the first time nor the second time. I explained why I didn’t feel comfortable with it, she understood and in some level we, and especially she, wanted sex even more. When we finally got under the sheets and we grabbed the heat of the moment, the act crashlanded almost right away. I was so much under a pressure and didn’t really know what to do. By to think of it, back then I was really unexperienced with sex ( especially with cunnilingus) and she wasn’t. Anyway, at first when we met, I felt confident and I knew excatly what to say or not to. And I knew just by looking in her eyes, that she was in that same exciting and confident state that I was. She called me ” her Edward ” Edward as the perfect in every way vampire from Twilight book saga. The problem was that then I tried to be perfect to her and she got anxious and distressed about it. It evolved into a situation where couldn’t be hugging, cuddling or any touching, and every word said to each other was somehow pushed or forced. An another problem was the distance. Our phone conversations didn’t never feel nearly as exciting and intense that our face-to-face conversations. Or gazings, as they sometimes were. Then things went downhill. And fast. Didn’t take long when she said “She can’t do it anymore”. Her feelings were dead. Or that’s what she said. Oh well, that was the end of it. Today it is 9 months since I interacted with a woman and I’m starting to worry that I’m heading to a same direction than last time.

    Vin, this is a S.O.S. call.

    Happy trails,

    Tino, from the land of aurora borealis

    ps. hope you get something out of this, ’cause my mind is kinda messy place right now and it came straight from the flow.

  31. Great site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also

  32. Well, I thought it was really interesting on how to strike a talk with a woman at times. But I get to find out that getting a girl to like you is really about getting emotionally connected with a woman.

  33. Great idea Vin.
    Might get the how to hack datingsites.
    Because I still suck on that part. :p
    grts, Jordi

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