Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters…

Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters with women…

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Welcome to a brand new weekly feature called “Fifteen Dollar Deals.” I invite you to read the rest of this post, and find out what this fifteen dollar deal is all about, and how it can save you a TON of money.

Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters… How to have success in your relationships with women

What conversation starters do you need to use to grab the attention of women you love? You can use specific conversation starters to initiate a conversation with women in order to attract them. In the seven years I’ve spent spent teaching men how to have success with women in their relationships, I’ve learned one simple fact: Every man is different. How to start conversations with women depends on the individual. You each have unique needs, a unique situation, and unique questions. Individually, your needs, situations, and questions may be the same as those of some other guys, but together you are completely unique, which means your questions, concerns, and needs will be unique for training purposes, as well.

You may not need an entire program or system to help you solve your problem. Or, you may have had great success with a system such as the Pandora’s Box program, yet you still have one question, or one woman you want specific help with. With that in mind, I’ve created something called “Fifteen Dollar Deals.” My Fifteen Dollar Deals are programs focused specifically on one aspect of meeting women, such as one place you can meet women, one obstacle you may encounter when you’re meeting women, one technique, one goal, one type of woman….the list goes on and on.

I get these ideas from men like you: either here on the blog, in surveys, or simply reading the emails you send me every day. Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters… offers an easy way to master being amazing with women, one step at a time. And while I do answer some of these questions in emails, in blog posts, and in future programs, sometimes you need more than an email, but less than a full-fledged program.

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My Fifteen Dollar Deals are two- to three-hour long packages of advice that arm you with everything you need for a specific situation, a specific goal with women, or a specific goal in a relationship. Fifteen Dollar Deals will help you add more structure and direction to how you want to get good with girls. And they’ll always be available for under 15 bucks.

Our First Fifteen Dollar Deal: Simple Conversation Starters…
This week’s deal features a set of programs designed to help you start a conversation with a woman and then ace the first two to three minutes. You will learn to speak with women with confidence, while completely relaxed, without letting your mind go blank or saying the wrong words.

You can find out more about Simple Conversation Starters on this page.

Now, This Is Your Blog As Much As It Is Mine – So Let Me Know Whether Fifteen Dollar Deals Is A Winning Idea – Or Not:
This first Fifteen Dollar Deal is only a test. So while it may be online for awhile, if there aren’t enough takers, I won’t run another Fifteen Dollar Deal in the future. I’ll just assume you aren’t interested in this concept. Another way you can let me know what you think is to post your thoughts in the comments below. Feel free to post any questions you have about the program, about this blog, or about future Fifteen Dollar Deals. My goal is to build a place where we can all come together and interact, so your input is as valuable and important as mine. But I can’t make improvements if you don’t make your voice heard. So speak up – either pick up This Week’s Fifteen Dollar Deal, or post a comment or question in the comments below. I personally read every single comment on this blog.


– Vin

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