Smooth Operator: How To Attract The Girls

Smooth Operator: How To Attract The Girls

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Thousands of guys just like you all want to know how to attract girls. It can be a daunting and scary experience if you lack the know-how, but I want to give you some great tips to help increase your overall confidence.

Physical contact…

The first important point on how to pick up girls is that you need to invoke physical contact with the girl. Transitioning from a friendly conversation to getting physical with a girl can be difficult, and often guys get confused or apprehensive of rejection.  Initially, you want to test the water and find out if she responds to your touch.

If you put your hand out to touch her and she pulls away from you, then it is extremely unlikely that things will go anywhere. This would be a good time for you to tone it down or move on. However – if she is welcoming and comfortable with your touch, then this a great signal that she could very well be attracted to you.

Make sure you keep the initial touching casual and non-invasive. You don’t want to touch her erogenous zones. Instead, focus on touching her in a friendly way like shaking her hand or hi- fiving her. You could also initiate touch by complimenting an item of her clothing or jewelry and asking her a question about it. These are just friendly ways of touching where you are initiating contact in a very non-sexual way.

Turn on the charm…

Your next tip on how to attract girls is to activate your flirtatious side. In order to become more flirtatious and amp up your sexual interest towards her, you need to touch her in the same places as initially, but firmer and more deliberately. For instance, instead of lightly touching her hand, you could hold her hand whilst pretending to examine a ring she is wearing. Or take her hand to lead her somewhere like to a couch or to the bar if you’re out somewhere.

If you have a fun vibe going with her, then perhaps try and sneak in a hug so she can get the scent of your aftershave and feel your warmth. Since it’s not appropriate to randomly hug people, you could make a joke fainting approval and then go in for the hug. It’s important to note at this stage that you’re not trying to engage a girl in a lingering and awkward embrace; something quick and playful is all you’re after.

Turn up the heat…

The next step for attracting girls is to show her you want her. During this stage, it’s all about openly showing her you are interested and preparing her to be kissed. This stage is normally best initiated on a dance floor or somewhere a bit out of the spotlight and isolated.

It’s vital that in this stage the touching becomes more sensual. You can achieve this through more elegant, lingering touching. You could try running your fingers down her back, cupping and lightly squeezing her buttocks in a caressing motion or putting your hands on her hips. All the while you want to try to maintain some eye contact to enhance the intimacy.

Making the move…

So, you have followed all the steps for attracting girls and now it is time to seal the deal. It is quite common for guys just like you to start getting nervous or anxious when it comes to making the move, but you don’t need to worry.

For example, if you feel like she may be resisting slightly, then just take things back a step or two and escalate again from there. The worst-case scenario is you two just aren’t on the same page, but if you have done everything right up to this stage, then it should be a sure-fire success.

The art of kissing…

When preparing a girl to be kissed, it is always beneficial to be holding her in some kind of manner to enforce the idea that you’re in control and you are the man. The best way to do this is to run your hand up her back and under her hair then, whilst holding the back of her head gently, lean in and kiss her.

Alternatively, you can put your hands around her hips, which will encourage her to put her arms around your neck and kiss you. A kiss is more symbolic than anything and there are many other erogenous zones in the body with denser nerve endings which are much more effective in creating physical arousal and attracting girls to you. That being said, a kiss is psychologically arousing and is a major factor in sensuality. When you kiss a girl, you should kiss her for a short period each time rather than continuously to prevent yourself from overdoing it.

You want to be sure that you kiss passionately and sensually, but you need to leave her wanting more. You don’t want to go in and ravish her and get her sexually hyped-up out in the club. You want to gradually escalate things as time goes on. Treat the kiss in the nightclub as a teaser for what is to come from the main event, should you two go home together.

I hope these tips on what attracts girls have been useful to you. I really encourage you to get out there and start putting them into practice. If you have any questions on ways to attract girls or would like to know more about how to get a girl, then please let me know in the comments section below. I love reading your responses and I always try to get back to as many of you as possible.