Social Flirting: The Game Of Life!

Social Flirting: The Game Of Life!

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I use social flirting as a part of my everyday life. Whether it’s to attract the girl at the local coffee shop or to win brownie points with my female boss, flirting is a great tool and a valuable asset to have.

The best way to describe flirting is to imagine when two people meet and have an interest in each other, but they don’t actually come out and say it. Flirting for fun can spice up a boring relationship or turn that otherwise ordinary Friday night into an expedition of exploring new horizons.

What is the game of flirting?

Some people consider social flirting as crass and crude. It shouldn’t be seen in that context, and the people who think that way usually have snobby attitudes. Who wants to go through life like that?

To flirt is to play a game. You can do it with a complete stranger, with your soul mate, or with someone you work with. It’s simply a game where your task is to provoke the other person’s senses and excitement.

Flirting is all about stimulating someone’s most primitive desires without having much contact, and oftentimes without even knowing them. You can flirt by joking, complimenting each other, and using physical cues to show your true intentions.

Flirting is simply a way for people to closely interact with each other…

When you get into the intention behind flirting and exactly what flirting entails, things can often become a bit more complicated.

It doesn’t have to be romantic or sexual. It’s often just friendly banter without any other intentions. It’s simply a way to emotionally connect. Sometimes, one person has romantic intentions and the other has only sexual ones, or doesn’t even realize that he or she’s being flirted with. Misunderstanding these signals can often lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

When I think of flirting with a girl, it feels almost like childhood playground banter. We’re animated and having fun, we’re talking about nonsensical stuff and teasing each other. We’re playing little games and role-playing different scenarios. It’s just a whole lot of fun and can oftentimes just be an escape from the real world.

A crucial aspect for adult flirting is the ability to animate everything by ten…

In normal conversations, an experienced flirt will over-emphasize points that they are trying to make. When they are explaining something, they’ll be more dramatic in their body language. Their hand actions will be more expressive; it’s almost like watching an Italian guy whose hands do all the talking. Sit back and watch someone good at flirting, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

A good flirter has the ability to draw people into the emotional aspects of the story and make you feel what they are talking about. They are also a bit cheeky. They’re like that kid in school that used to get on the teacher’s nerve, but you could tell secretly that the teacher really liked them and they often became the teacher’s pet.

In order to flirt successfully, you’ve got to be a bit of a tease and a little bit out there. You’ve even got to seem a bit like your harassing, but deep down inside your that adorable guy and someone that women really love to be around.

Flirting can also get quite sexual when you bring in the more physical elements. While you’re having fun and being playful, you can also get a little bit more touchy and bring in some aspects that create sexual tension. Following are some great flirting tips that will help you become better at flirting and increase your attraction to people from all walks of life. Girls also love being flirted with!

Tip #1: When you see someone you like, smile at them.

If you see a girl walking down the street or you see one in a bar or a restaurant, rather than pretending not to notice her or being confused on how to actually approach her, just look her way and give her a smile. Girls always notice a guy’s smile, and by just this simple gesture alone you will catch her eye.

Tip #2: See yourself as being completely confident.

Imagine yourself approaching that girl who has attracted your attention and feeling completely confident so that you move with ease. See yourself focused when approaching her and speaking to her, and then step into the movie. Create that scenario in your head and visualize yourself doing it. Focus on those thoughts and believe in yourself. Girls are turned on by confident guys, so even if you don’t feel it, act like it. You’ll soon learn that being a great flirt comes from confidence, and you’ll have fun doing it!

Tip #3: Imagine two different scenarios.

In the first scenario, the girl rejects you and you walk away with confidence anyway; smiling and glad that you didn’t waste any time on her and that it’s their loss that they didn’t find you attractive. Then imagine scanning around for someone else really nice that will appreciate you.

In the second scenario, imagine her smiling back at you, accepting you, and talking to you. Imagine making her smile and laugh and enjoying your company. Focus on making her feel comfortable around you, rather than having her like you. The better she feels around you, the more she’ll want to spend time with you.

Tip #4: Meet as many people as you can and practice these steps on them.

The more interactions you have with girls, the greater chance you will have to become better at flirting. Practice at every opportunity, whether it’s talking to female call center operators, or with an old lady in the shopping center, or that hot girl at work. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

With experience comes confidence, and with confidence comes success. You’ll soon realize that flirting is a crucial tool that can be used for many reasons; from having better relationships in the workplace, to having more friends, to attracting girls and getting more dates. Social flirting adds to life because it gives life to those around you.