Squirting Women – How to do It!

Are you ready to make your woman have a squirting orgasm?

Squirting Women - How to do It!

Laying in a wet spot?

There are two aspects to squirting.

There’s two major parts to getting women to squirt. The first one has to do with you and the second one has to do with her. I believe that all women, on a biological level, are capable of squirting. Their body can squirt, but for most women, it has more to do with their mind. It has to do with how comfortable they are, how relaxed they can get, and their ability to let go and get into the moment. I don’t believe all women have the mental capacity to get there.

Orgasms are very mental…

For women, orgasming is more of a mental process than a physical process. In saying that, by your letter, if your woman is already orgasming, then you’re already a fair way along the path. If a guy has a girlfriend and she can’t orgasm at all, then getting her to squirt is going to be a lot of work.

Learn massage.

Let’s focus first on you though. The best skill you can ever develop to get women to squirt is to learn how to massage. I highly recommend not only going for massages yourself regularly, learning what feels good and what they do, but also maybe looking at taking a course to study massage. You can at least go over the basics and start to give your girlfriend massages every day. Buy some essential oils, be able to set the mood, and get her comfortable with being massaged and really relaxed. Without a doubt, being an expert at massage is the most important skill you can have, for getting your girlfriend to squirt.

Time to focus on her…

The second element has to do with her. How can you help your girlfriend to be the type of girl who’s more likely to squirt? The first thing she’s got to be able to do is relax. It’s a good idea to take her for massages and to help her learn strategies to relax. Maybe you do meditation or yoga classes together, and you just get her in the habit of valuing relaxation. Her ability to relax and let go is really critical in getting her to squirt.

Get her to masturbate.

The next thing that’s good for her, is getting her very comfortable with masturbation. Whether she’s using a toy or her hands, the more she masturbates, the more sexual she becomes and the more likely it is that she’s going to squirt. The longer you can prolong foreplay, the more likely she is going to be able to squirt. You build this long, drawn out sense of anticipation and she is totally into it and completely relaxed. Odds are, she’s going to be able to get to the mental place easier.

Help her get completely connected to her sexuality…

This is the kind of foreplay couples should practice to deepen their connection. Sometimes, when girls are in relationships, they don’t do this as much, but it’s really important that you encourage her to deepen her own sexuality and to invest her time in getting to know her own body. A lot of guys sometimes put too much pressure on themselves to do everything when it comes to making a girl squirt, but the reality is, it’s a team effort. Fifty percent of it has to come from her.

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