Stroking Breasts: How To Master The Art Of Foreplay

Stroking Breasts: How To Master The Art Of Foreplay

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If you really want to turn your woman on, get her juices flowing, and make her a willing slave to your love, then you need to see breasts as part of the bigger picture.

That’s right. Even though, as guys, we love a good pair of breasts, you’ve got to remember that there’s far more to foreplay than just fondling breasts.

Don’t get me wrong, her breasts are quite sensitive and are a key erogenous zone for turning on any woman, but there are other areas that you need to explore. Getting women horny requires you to explore more of her body!

Explore her sensitive areas…

So, what I tend to do is when kissing a girl, I like to slightly touch her wrists gently with my fingers. This is the very beginning of your sexual encounter.

The next thing I like to do is to nibble on her earlobes. Just gently nibbling on her earlobes can be very sensual. If you are kissing her, it’s a great move to just turn your mouth away from her lips and to start to nibble on her earlobes gently, then go towards the nape of her neck and kiss that as well. You could even just blow gently on her neck as you kiss.

With a little extra attention to detail, you’ll have a hot woman on your hands in no time – she’ll be begging for you. She’ll feel amazing sensations that stimulate her in ways that other guys wouldn’t understand.

Stroking her breasts…

Once you’ve spent a while kissing and exploring her body, next you should move on to her breasts. Grab them, caress and play with her nipples, but don’t be too rough. Then, once you’ve spent some time there, you need to move down to the inner thighs. Now we are getting into the nutty gritty of things!

Gently touch her inner thighs and just climb up to her pussy, but just always missing the pussy each time. Tease her extensively. Tease her as much as you can. The more you tease her, the more sensation she is going to feel once you do go there.

Bear this all in mind and you’ll easily be able to make a woman horny!