Stuff To Say To A Girl You Love That’ll Make Her Tick

Stuff To Say To A Girl You Love That’ll Make Her Tick

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Want to know what to say to a girl that you really care about? I am going to teach you exactly what to say to the girl you love so she becomes simply addicted to you.

Think about the confidence you’d have of you knew you could keep any girl coming back for more just by saying a few things to make her feel special. Imagine being able to say just a few words to make her feel so attracted to you that she only sees you and no one else.

Avoiding killer mistakes…

Say the wrong thing, and you could turn her off completely, or even lose the girl for good. It’s crucial that you know what to say, when to say it, and how. The biggest mistake guys make when trying to say something special to a girl is overfeeding her with compliments, inflating her ego, and lowering her value all the while. It’s important to maintain a balance between compliments and teasing. Notice, I say teasing – keep it lighthearted.

I’m going to share with you some secrets which a select few guys are using to make girls keep coming back for more. Pay attention, because this is being field-tested all over the world on thousands of women, and it truly works.

Actions outside the bedroom matter, too!

Secret one: be affectionate in public. Don’t ever save your appreciation and affection just for private times in the bedroom. Kiss her cheek in the street and when you’re introducing her to new friends. It’s important that you express that you care so much about her that it simply doesn’t matter what other people think about you two.

This will give her the confidence to feel secure, safe, and appreciated. Of course, don’t be too overt in public, as this can have the opposite effect and make her feel awkward. Keep it subtle – holding hands, a soft kiss on the forehead, and warm hugs; these small gestures to her are messages to say I love you.

Talk your way into her heart…

Always tell her you’re happy you’ve met her. It’s crucial that you remind your girl that you think she’s special. Women want to feel appreciated by you in a way that you do not express to other girls, so you need to constantly affirm this by telling her she makes you feel incredible.

For example, look her in the eyes and tell her, “God, I just can’t help myself,” before pulling her in and giving her 20 kisses. Or, you could interrupt her during conversation and say, “You really are so incredible,” and then give her a big hug. These may seem like cheesy things to say to girls, but trust me – they love it.

Never tell a girl she’s hot…

Instead, appeal to her emotions. Tell her you think she’s intelligent, interesting, fascinating. Telling a girl you think she’s smart and intelligent goes a lot further than telling her you think she’s hot or sexy.

The main thing to remember is that she should constantly feel special and appreciated. If you fail to make her feel this way, you will not only lose the girl but ruin your chances in the future. With more knowledge about your special woman, you will never run out of sweet things to say to her.