Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Her Swoon

Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Her Swoon

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Are you missing something, and she can just tell? Or have you finally realized that you need to know how to speak to her to make her fall in love? It’s far simpler than you think when you know how to unlock the secrets to her heart…

Make a woman feel appreciated and loved and it won’t be long before she just wants to take her clothes off and go to bed with you. Think about how confident you’d feel if you knew exactly what to say to your crush to make this happen.

Knowing what to say is a make or break the deal. Saying the right thing. Getting incredible results. Say the wrong thing and you can potentially turn her off for good. It’s crucial that you know what to say if you want to get the girl.

Choosing your words with care…

The biggest mistake guys make when giving women compliments is basing them all on first appearances, not what is under the skin. Saying things like, “You’re hot; you’re sexy; I like what you’re wearing,” can work, sometimes, but their effects are very much limited. Understanding how to demonstrate interest and give genuine, sincere compliments is a far better approach to knowing what to say to someone you love.

I can teach you exactly what to say to a woman you like. Follow these tips and she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you – pay attention, because this stuff is powerful.

The first thing not to do is tell her she’s hot. Instead, appeal to her emotions. Tell her you think she’s intelligent or interesting. Never over-compliment a girl on her looks, as this will alarm her and give her the impression that you want something in return for your compliments. Some things you can say to warm her up inside are: “I like your smile, it’s cute,” or, “You’re so funny,” or even, “Wow, I never knew that you’d be this much fun.”

Ask the right questions…

Girls love it when you ask questions about their hobbies. Talk a lot about things that they express an interest in. This shows you have an interest in their passions.

It’s also great to tell her that you’re happy you’ve met her. Constantly remind your lady that she is special for a long-lasting love. Women need this affirmation to feel secure, safe, and appreciated, so never forget to let her know how precious she is to you.

You can do this in non-verbal ways, too – look her straight in the eyes with a smile and give her a big hug, then push her away, or interrupt her in conversation and say, “Wow, you really are incredible.”

Be cheeky, not desperate, and make her feel special!

Making a girl feel special and saying the right things is all about knowing what to say, as well as when and how to say it. It’s important that you never give a girl too many compliments – this can appear desperate. By balancing out affectionate comments with cheeky ones, you will keep her on her toes.

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Warning: Some of this info is too powerful to try on a woman unless you’re 100% serious about sweeping her off her feet, so don’t try it unless you really think she’s gorgeous… or she’ll be addicted to you and you won’t know how to shake her off.