Sweetest Things to Say to a Girl

Sweetest Things to Say to a Girl

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Let’s face it, sometimes a woman can take away a man’s ability to speak. Caught up in their beauty, men lose focus on what to say because they are dazzled by the show in front of them. It is only by chance that we are able to say anything truly sweet to a girl, but some of us manage to do it.

So what makes these the sweetest things to say to a girl? Well, it is a little bit of voice tone and a lot of understanding how psychology works. When it comes to saying some of the sweetest things to a girl, it usually depends on the type of girl.

However, you are in luck, as we do have a list of words that you can memorize so you can whisk her heart away. If you don’t know what type of girl she is yet, or you’ve run out of catchy pickup lines, then all you have to know about “sweetness” is how to make it sound like it’s three different things. Women love intimacy, flattery, and controlled confidence. Women were raised in a society where men were in power, so they adapted to a man with great power, and now it’s something many women are attracted to. Sometimes this can be money, but most of the time it’s just being in control.

Here is a list of the sweetest things you can say to a woman:

1. “Your eyes are like a sea of” is something you say depending on their eye color. For example if their eyes are green then you can say, “Your eyes are like a sea of emerald trees that I could get lost in forever.” In addition, if you are good with words you can attach another sentence of flattery to it for extra measure.

2. Begin acting as if you’re distracted by looking at her face in a lost gaze and if she asks what you’re looking at, say the following, “I’m sorry I was distracted by your face” pause for tension, “It’s like a work of art, so full passion and beauty. It really is distracting.” Then crinkle the eyebrows while bringing out a smile and this is one of the sweetest things to say to a girl because it is full of confidence and flattery with a lot of intimacy. Do you have any idea how long it took to apply the makeup she is wearing?

3. One of the best of the sweetest things to say to a girl is right when you begin a conversation, but in order for it to work, she has to say hello first. It should play out like this;

Her – “Hello”

You – “Hi.” – Say this with a smile.

Her – “How are you?”

You – “Well I had a pretty busy day but your smile made me forget everything.” Say this with a crooked smile.

This works on the very basic principles of ultimate intimacy, as it implies that the smallest things she could do made you happy. This actually goes back to when men were just the workers and women really could not share a lot of the burden. It takes a long time to get out of something that your family adapted to.

4. Something you can say when you think a conversation is going sour but you really like the girl is, “You’re adorable when you’re mad.” This is extremely sweet and something you can actually win the argument with. It is a different type of flattery because it works on all women.

5. If you are just going in to meet a woman, do not ever enter the conversation with one of these three things: “Hey”, “How are you?”, or “You looked lonely.” You always want them to laugh when you meet them, but don’t come off creepy.

A line that usually works is, “Hi, hey, do you know where the bathroom is? My inebriated friend wants to get rid of some stuff that the alcohol argued with.” When she answers, apologize for lying to her and tell her exactly why you used the excuse.


It’s important to take the opportunity of talking to her once you have done this – don’t let it go to waste! It will take a few tries to get it done right. Just keep trying and I know you can handle it.