Taking A Break In A Relationship: What Does It Even Mean?

Taking A Break In A Relationship: What Does It Even Mean?

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Don’t break the rules… or you may lose them forever.

Knowing the ‘rules’ of being on a break in a relationship is a contentious issue. To avoid your relationship going the wrong way, it’s important to learn the tricky specifics of this dating glitch.

Being on a break while you are in a relationship can mean different things to different types of girls and relationships. It may mean completely ceasing contact with each other for an extended period of time, or not having sex with each other for a certain period. In some circumstances, it could mean her visiting another country and being completely free to do whatever she wants while you are in the same boat.

So, being on a break is not an entity in itself.  What’s extremely important is that you set parameters and you and your girlfriend discuss exactly what the break means.  Then it can mean anything you want it to.  If you want to take a break because there is too much tension in the relationship and you feel like maybe that’s the best thing that you can do then that could be a great idea. Nevertheless, it is important that you do communicate exactly what the break means.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

If you are in that certain circumstance where there is too much tension, and you feel like you should just give each other a few months off to be free to roam around and do whatever you want, make sure you agree you are both doing this to become closer to each other in the long term.

If you are too lenient and loose with the break, then chances are you are going to lose the girl for good. It is, therefore, important that you control what the word ‘break’ means. Your girl needs to understand that you do still like, respect, and love her, and you want to continue the relationship in the future.

What about some basic ground rules?

When defining ground rules, it’s important to use direct communication and ensure that both parties are clear on what exactly defines your break.  For instance, if you want to take a break because your girlfriend is leaving to another country for a couple of months, explain that while she’s overseas, she is free to do absolutely anything she wants – as long as you don’t know about it. Also, make clear that you will be free to have fun too for all-important ‘break equality.’

Most importantly, ensure clear and concise communication. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is any confusion, chances are you will lose your girl forever, and you don’t want that to happen!

Maybe it’s worse? Girlfriend wants to break up…

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