Talk To A Woman For The First Time

You have just seen the girl of your dreams.

She is right there in the room.

What words are you going to say to her that will make her instantly want to date you?

If you haven’t got a clue, help is at hand – read on.

Talk to a woman

Do you know what to say to your sparkly dream girl, who is across the room?

Got lock jaw?

The most beautiful woman you have ever seen has just walked into the room and you desperately want to speak to her but suddenly you are frozen in place and have developed lock jaw. Sound familiar? Hopefully, the tips I am going to share with you will help you when it comes to talking to a woman for the first time.

1. Finding Common Ground.

The more interests you have, the more likely you will have something in common with a woman, or anyone for that matter. This makes having a conversation much easier, enjoyable, and flow with thought. However, if you only have a few interests and do not try new things very often, then you are going to have difficulty in finding much to talk about. You won’t have any idea on knowing how to talk to women effectively, because you have too narrow a focus of interest in your life.

2. Learn basic knowledge about a lot of topics.

Finding commonality with people entails having a wide range of interest of your own. You certainly don’t need to be an expert in all things that interest you. Simply having a broad range of basic knowledge and life experiences about numerous topics will be extremely helpful. Brush up on things that interest you, perhaps reading about places to travel, watching the discovery channel, or even cooking shows would help broaden your knowledge. You must find things that interest women, and learn about these things. It can’t hurt to learn about something that women are interested in. Do your homework.

3. Look for Clues.

Look for clues when you are striking up a conversation with a woman. Every time you speak with a woman, pay attention to her responses to the topics you discuss. Watch how she speaks and listens to different subjects. Body language will always tell you a lot if you pay attention. Does she perk up when speaking about a particular topic? If you are talking about football, and she has no idea of who the players are, then that is a dead giveaway to steer away from football. What can you tell by the way she dresses, the makeup she wears, or where she shops? You should be able to tell what things she is interested in by clues such as these. Find her interest and focus on those topics that you both like, and this will take you a long way in conversation builders.

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4. Identify a Passion.

Ask her good questions that will help you identify her passions. The sooner you can determine what a woman is passionate about, the more likely you are to have a great (and easy) conversation, possibly lasting for hours. Again, look for clues. How is she expressing herself, who she is and what she likes? Ask questions and stop, look, and actually listen to her responses. Get clarity on what she talks about. If she sees that you are interested, you will build more interest from her.

Knowing how to talk to women for the first time is not rocket science, guys. Finding common ground involves looking for clues, listening, watching, and asking questions. You should also expand your own interest so that you are continually prepared to talk about many various topics with many different women. If you have varied interest, then you will interest her and encourage her to talk. After all, that’s what you want, right? You have to have interest to get interest. If your boring and seem to be there to just pick up women, you’ll end up with no conversation and no woman.

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